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June 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 11 May 2012 at 7:59PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Thank you SO much for everyones good wishes regarding my DD, I cannot say how much I appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers, thank you :)

    I will let you know how it goes.

    Meanwhile, trying to stop thinking of it, hoping my budgeting will help distract my mind. :o
  • FlorenceemFlorenceem Forumite
    5.2K posts
    Into large round dish I put 4 cooked sausages - split down the middle then cut into pieces - makes it look more! Add a tin of value baked beans and tinned tomatoes plus some cooked rashers of cheap bacon - cut into bits. I nuked in one of my 99p shop micro dishes - 2 sticks of celery - cut into bits + a large onion chopped. Add freshly ground black pepper/sprinkling of dried mixed herbs and garlic granules. I love garlic - put in 4 cloves. I added a teaspoon of Mr A tandoori spice mix plus a drop of gravy. mix all the pie ingredients together and cover with HM shortcrust pastry. Cook 200c for about 25 minutes then at 180 for another 30 minutes - oven times will vary.
    This pie is so versatile - you could put in chopped up peppers or mushrooms.
    A lot of tasty filling pie for not a lot of money. :j
    I reckon this pie costs about £1.60 to make - 8 portions. :D
    Mr F thought it was delicious.
    15 in 2015 1/15
  • Hi All,

    I'm over half way through my groceries budget already, and I was hoping to be well short of it this month.

    All your postings are keeping me on track, inspiring me, and making me envious of all your lovely hc'd meals.

    I'm using my EEBA app for the first time this month, so at least I actually know (for the first time ever) where all my money is going - so that's some progress.

    Thanks for inspiring me to keep going,


    'Extra payment every week' (started May '12) £60.00 this week = £150.94 so far
    'Virtual Sealed Pot Challenge' (#174 started May '12) £33.00 this week = £86.19 so far :)

  • jedi82jedi82 Forumite
    410 posts
    morning, a horrible day here so me and dd2 are staying in and not ging anywhere (except school run) so will be a NSD, i hope!

    Fozzie, you and your dd are in my prayers xxx

    Jedi x
    Finally getting my life on track. Onwards and upwards.
    BSC No 327
    GC Jan £336.91/£450
    GC Feb £0/£400
  • sistercassistercas Forumite
    4.8K posts
    Part of the Furniture Debt-free and Proud!
    another big spend in @sda £74 and £23 in l!dl , ive also placed an AF order for £50 :eek:
    near the end of my budget now so next week will have to be a very small one

    tea tonight will be chicken stirfry and noodles with black bean sauce ( got loads of black bean sauce form AF lol)
  • Fozzie - best wishes for you and your daughter *hugs*.

    Another spend so we are now at £409/out of £400. Even though I'm being very careful now, I started off the month badly so I was pretty sure we would go over. Must try harder next month ;). Leftovers tonight - HM pizza and moussaka - tribe can pick what they want - I'm so generous!!
    Pay debt in 2012 #278 £2347/£5364
    Sealed Pot 5 #1713 £78.57 //Crazy Clothes Challenge #97 £79.49/£100
    Grocery Challenge:
    Feb £359/£360 Mar £390/£450 Apr £335/£320
    May £330/£320 Jun £455/£400 Jul £321/£320
    Aug £399/£370 Sep £345/£300 Oct £421/£400 Nov £0/£320
  • SystemSystem
    177.7K posts
    10,000 Posts
    I'm eating some of my bargain Mr W salad as we speak - I think it tastes nicer cos I know it was reduced from £1.99 to 19p :)
    A reprise of last night's dinner for me tonight as DD working late again so that's easy.
    Florenceem your pie looks & sounds splendid, I might have to try that. I like the fact you've only used pastry on the top so it's healthier and you don't get a soggy bottom :o
  • Forgot to say... Frozziebear (have I spelt it right?)... hope all goes well with your DD.


    'Extra payment every week' (started May '12) £60.00 this week = £150.94 so far
    'Virtual Sealed Pot Challenge' (#174 started May '12) £33.00 this week = £86.19 so far :)

  • Hello newbie here, have been lurking in June and May have decided to go for a.budget of 325
    in Julythat is for 2 adults and 2kidaaged 38,36,85
    GC July 345/325Aug GC 297.50/300:money: GC Sept £251/300
    GC Oct 235/275 Nov GC £72/250
    NSD 5/30:D
    My month runs 22nd -22nd:cool:
  • KitchenbunnyKitchenbunny Forumite
    2.1K posts
    Tenth Anniversary
    Afternoon - had a small spend today of £4.94 at Mr S - had to get bacon (£2) eggs (85p) & a tub of cooking marg as probably going to have to make a birthday cake for the weekend. :)

    Off to update my sig now, and then onto a bacon sandwich for lunch. Tonight's meal has changed to being a simple omelette, although the steak pie filling I've taken out of the freezer is now defrosted and will need using up. Oh well...

    K xx

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