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    I cling onto my shrapnel (no where near a teenager any more, sadly!) - I'm a teensy bit OCD about strange things, and I find it very satisfying to be able to pay for something exactly, perks me up for the rest of the day!!

    I remember my granny once saying something along the lines of not to throw your money away as it might never come back to you - probably in a different context but means the same thing!
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    both my kids are as tight as a ducks ar5e and never throw even a penny away.
    (what would Scooby Doo)
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    I saw a report a few months ago, that a jar full of coppers are worth more in metal weight than its face values. Anyone else heard that? may only be £0.010p but melt it and it becomes worth £0.015p(example)
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    I suspect if you have just sold your websites userscommunity for £87m you can't be bothered to worry about the odd penny either.
    I think....
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    When I was at secondary school (2001-2006), kids used to throw their coppers (sometimes 5p and 10ps) on the ground near the sweetshop.

    I had no disgrace in picking them up when it wasn't busy. Filled my penny jar very quickly.

    And this was in the days when pick n mix cost between 2 and 5p per sweet.
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    Discussed this with my dad the other day, he drives buses and said it has always happened since he started driving and he always goes round the bus after school runs and usually ends up with enough for his cuppa (and cake on a good day!) any extra he then puts in charity boxes.

    Any spare change goes in our jar and gets paid into bank for our holiday spends, mounts up if you stick 20p and less in there too.
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    I spend my pennies on small value items such as a newspaper or a coffee/tea at McDonalds or somewhere, so I don't throw them away or save them.

    Obviously wouldn't give £1.19 (or whatever) all in coppers, maybe one £1 coin and the rest in coppers if I had them. Assistant usually don't count it anyway and slings it all in the till. Helps them out as well as they give out coppers in change.

    Sometimes I just have enough in coppers and saves me breaking up a note or even paying with a £2 coin. A little frivolous I know but it's no problem handing over the exact amount if I have it.
  • James_LaheyJames_Lahey Forumite
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    Firstly I'd never throw away any money and have no qualms about picking up change off the street.

    On the other hand copper currency is now obsolete, even the poorest/smallest child would have at least 5p to spend at the shop on sweets. So therefore I would theoretically vote for all coppers be withdrawn from usage.

    Only one thing would prevents me from doing so -

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    I work with young adults aged 16 to 25, and make a fortune from the change they chuck away :D They moan about not having much money but always leave copper coins on the desks/floor/minibus. One time when cleaning out my minibus I found £1.26 in 1p/2p/5p/10p coins on the floor. I have always saved my small change in a big whiskey bottle, and cash it in once a year to spend on a treat.

    I don't understand the mentality of it. I would never ever throw away any money. Yes a penny won't buy you anything these days, but 15 of them will buy a bag of cheap crisps, 20 will buy a paper or small chocolate bar, 30 will buy a cheap pop drink etc.

    I hate having a purse full of change, but I empty everything under 20p into my penny jar at the end of the day.
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    I have to admit I did this as a child and teen :o, 1ps and 2ps used to just get thrown away when i tided up my room. I wouldn't do that now though, I collect them in a jar then they get changed up at Sainsburys :D.
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