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  • torbrextorbrex
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    They simple don't know what they are worth, the smallest that they can think in terms of value is £1.

    I used to work as a delivery driver for a bakers and after the school bus had gone it was a race between me and the street sweeper to see who could get to the bus stop first to pick up all the dropped coins. It was not unusual to collect a couple of pounds in change each day.
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    My appreciation of the value of money has diminished over the years but I still (and always have) saved pennies/coppers

    At secondary I used to help myself to the pennies out of the vending machine that people didn't want. I was ribbed for it but hey more money in my pocket!
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    I am secondary school cleaner,the rewards are astounding:rotfl:
    mortgage free 3/10/12:)
  • pete_vpete_v Forumite
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    When I was on a British Army base in Germany ten years ago, the young soldiers used to drop their Pfennigs on the ground as they came out of the NAAFI.

    I only noticed this when I saw the Company Sergeant Major's wife picking them up :D

  • JezRJezR Forumite
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    1p and 2p coins should be withdrawn and Swedish rounding adopted on a 5p interval. Discuss :)
  • Beki88Beki88 Forumite
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    They don't see the bigger picture that they will soon add up!
    Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after their selves.
    My son saves all his copper-and mine too and he has now got £30 saved up just from those alone :)

    Everything will be ok in the end, and if it isn't ok then it isn't the end :)
  • I posted on another forum recently that I had seen a teenage girl accidently drop a 50p coin. She looked at it then just left it there and carried on walking. I pocketed it myself. It's like teenagers are just too cool to bend down and pick something up off the floor.
  • DorastarDorastar Forumite
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    Well in the words of my 10 year old dd "They're idiots - it's money!" Guess she won't be chucking her away then!

    As a teacher though it isn't just my job - parents need to play their part - we have loads of children who never see money anymore, they just see cash/credit cards handed over or note appearing from cash machines. Mine have gone 'shopping' from an early age for their 10p mix despite it taking a huge amount of time to choose the perfect selection!
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    I guess the problem is that on a cognitive level they know they can't buy anthing for a penny or two. Or three,...

    And then, they often don't have experience of having to EARN the pennies.

    Natural adaptation follows...

    The rest of it is status/power/class... show off of course :-)

    I don't pick up pennies on the street, unless it's 5p min!

    Edit: ironically, i just collected 10p on the way from jog to home..
  • pseeker_2pseeker_2 Forumite
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    JezR wrote: »
    1p and 2p coins should be withdrawn and Swedish rounding adopted on a 5p interval. Discuss :)

    no, we can't withdraw the 1p coin - it makes a beautiful sound when you flip from your thumbnail into the air!

    Btw, did you know that any £1 combination of penny coins you use, it will always add up to 356 grams? clever design :)

    As for withdrawing the pennies, it's not worth the excercise.
    Empirically it makes sense, but it's not like £ is running a mad inflati0000n rate, and you need to look at span of a decade(s) for it to make sense.
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