B132 notice to a registered proprietor ofan application toenter an agreed notice HELP

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Hi I am in a state of total panic here

I have a professional studies loan with HSBC, which i was repaying under a debt management plan with payplan. as i recall they registered a CCJ against me while i was setting this payment plan up 2 years ago. Payplan have all the paperwork regarding my CCJ, and I was paying off an agreed amount to all my creditors. I have a record of this agreement via the courts.

I was made redundant in November, and since then have been unable to make any payments to my DMP. i informed payplan of this situation, but have not been good at contacting any individual creditors, mainly as i have had many many interviews (with no success thus far).

so it seems that they have made an B132 Notice to the land registry. what does this actually mean? are they trying to evict me, or force a sale? what the notes say is the following...

"as a result of this application the following entry has been made in the Charges Register of the above title number (25.05.2012) Equitable charge created by interim charging order of the Kings Lynn County Court dated 21 May 2012 in favour of HSBC bank PLC (court reference.....)"

Now, i was not aware that any proceedings were taking place, i do open my mail and keep trying to stay on top of the really important things. so what does this notice mean in plain English?

what can I do about this? I am in negative equity. if they forced a sale they would not get paid. I have seen various things online but they are all really confusing! I just need a simple, step by step explanation of what is happening, it seems they are trying to pull money off me via my property, but I am unemployed still claiming assistance with mortgage interest and my negative equity is huge (I am 35, was a first time buyer in 2005, have really been destroyed by the house price crash and credit crunch!). my debts are huge as I have found it very tough being an educated scientist in the modern world.

failing that i am seriously considering just going bankrupt. I am under pressure by mail and phone every day and it makes me feel like just ending my life at times. I tried to hard to sort these things out when i was employed, that did not last as I am a PhD scientist and the fixed term contract ended and i didn't get another job straight away. I really feel that its all been for nothing.


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    Very sorry to hear about your situation.

    Don't worry about the charging order though. An unsecured debtor cannot force you to sell and it looks like HSBC have wasted their time and money if you are in negative equity. Your mortgage company will have first say on the proceeds of any house sale.

    Hope you manage to get a job and then decide whether paying the mortgage on a house in negative equity is better than starting fresh.

    Good luck

    Smile :), it makes people wonder what you have been up to.
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