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    I made my first Sunday afternoon visit to a Mr A near me - not a huge place. All there was - few reduced ready meal type bits, some half price swedes and satsumas reduced from £1 to 52p. I only bought the satsumas.
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  • all this sunny weather must have had everyone going for salads ect. Went into my Sainsburys last night and managed to get 2 packs of really nice looking braising steaks for 99p each. Also got a pack of lamb mince for 89p! Surprised no-one snapped this up to make burgers?

    Also got a celeriac 24p, pack of leeks 49p, huge bag of maris pipers 44p, 2 packs tenderstem broccli 49p and TTD asparagus 49p.

    Will be having the asparagus griddled with tomatoes and salmon tonight and make a celeriac soup, river cottage recipe. I completely agree with fruitcake, it has made me a better cook and got me trying things I might not have before!
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    fruitcake wrote: »
    wow, so many of us living off the reduction labels, theres a small community forming on the rounds that I do here, have been going to the shops in the evenings since 2001, and have become a better cook because of it as the variety of things that I get to pick up and would never have tried if they were full priced is out of this world. I completely agree with buying what you need rather than letting the "bargain greedy eyed monster" out and taking everything just because you can. I definitely share and share alike.
    Yesterday, Mr S had lots of organic yoghurt reduced from £1.80 to 20p, got myself a pot and also picked up a pack of finest sausages with caramalised onions for 35p at Mr T's for my lovely neighbour. If I was taller i would have no qualms about being a FREEGEN...maybe when the bins get smaller!
    Most bins are locked up and not accessible - they don't want us to see all the stuff going to landfill.
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    For the first time for years, I got some reduced bargains yesterday! A new Tesco Express has opened and is it ten minute walk for me. At 4pm I got four packs of meat (lamb steaks, pork loin and steak) at 75% off. I can never afford to eat meat often so this will be a treat for us! I then went back at 8pm and got loads of fruit, veg and hot cross buns at 90% off! I tried a papaya (13p) for the first time! Don't know if it's a one off but I'll be going back regularly!
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    I'm a new poster on this board but have been buying yellow stickered food for a while now.

    Managed to pick up from Mr T's last night a 1.8kg Buxted chicken for 60p. Perhaps one of my best meat bargains.
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  • I was browsing in ASDA's reduced section today, and found a joint of silverside beef with a yellow sticker saying 65p!! Obviously whoever reduced it had made a mistake, but as I didnt particularly need it, I pointed it out to a member of staff who was also there with a young mum, perhaps her daughter. After some deliberation she put it in her trolly.

    Felt a bit of a idiot for not just grabbing it, but at least someone went home with a real bargain.

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    We often manage to get some lovely vacuum packed fish in the reduced section at tesco. Is there a certain day that is better to go for yellow stickers
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    Last night we had run out of milk and although we had some in the freezer, we needed a cup of tea, so OH went to the local Mr T and got:

    Organic chicken large leg-40p (made a chicken curry and had for lunch)
    Pizza (fresh one)-35p (frozen it)
    Meatballs x 12-60p (frozen for next week)
    Wheat free loaves x 2 (froze for OH after he sliced)-50p each
    Chicken fatita (sp) for 2-(frozen it)-50p
    Finest Fish Pie (frozen)-40p
    12 huge cupcakes with british flag-50p and froze 10
    Granary loaf x 2 (frozen)-20p
    Pancakes x 3 packets (frozen for niece next week)-10p each
    Parsnips x 4-10p (had tonight)
    Cabbage (half)-10p (had for dinner and bubble it tomorrow)
    Finest Ham-40p (made 4 rolls up and froze)

    They had Anchor butter 2 for £2
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    I'm a college student and I must say, yellow stickers are ADDICTIVE. There aren't much freezer space as I have to share with flatmates, so I tend to buy and eat the reduced food on the same day if not within the next couple! I really save a lot of money that way, especially since the money I'm using aren't even mine (my parents worked hard!). Mr T in central London are very small, not much to choose from. I walk around the few stores in my vicinity, and I usually have quite a high success rate at the furthest one. I feel bad though, because the yellow stickers never seem to scan in that store and the workers always have to painstakingly type in every single code for me!
  • Visited my local Mr A and must have chosen a good time to go as ther was loads of ys stuff. got 12 FR eggs 60p, cheese 60p, chicken £2, fish pie mix 75p, yogs 40p, creme fraiche 20p, 4 x ready meals each 90p (handy to have in freezer for when I'm too tired to cook from scratch) and 2 x sprays of flowers 60p each. = One Happy bunny lol:T:T
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