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    I press the hash button loads of times when i get an unwanted sales call. I don't know if it works - I was told it confuses the system and throws your number out. I just thought it was worth a try.
    My husband used to love winding the callers up - once he said that he was a bit busy at the moment so could he have the callers home number so that HE could call THEM back. The caller was most surprised and said he couldn't possibly give out his number. Why not, my husband asked - you've got my number, why can't I have yours? The call was quickly ended.
  • Had one tother day.

    Hello, jackie from trinity mirror

    Me grunt

    Jackie. Have you seen the website we created for you

    Me. Yes it is crap. Phone down.

    Have removed me from their email list as well.
    I hvae nt snept th lst fw mntes writg ths post fr yu t cme alng hre nd agre wth m!

    Cheers! :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:
  • I used to ignore all international calls, then a family member moved abroad.
    so sometimes i get caught out.
    they always ask for my husband by name.
    i told the last one he was in prison.
    then she, [asian lady] asked if i was a family member
    no, i said I am the cleaning lady.
    end of call.
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    Where do they get their lists of phone numbers from?

    I split with my ex-husband 10 years ago and reverted back to my maiden name. In the last couple of weeks, I've had numerous international calls either asking for Mr ex or Mrs ex's surname.
    Here I go again on my own....
  • I've had few problems in recent years; interesting to read what some people are still enduring though. Kitchens Direct are notorious and I've had a run-in with them and their dodgy reps in the past. They're on the OFT's watch list I reckon as there's a series of legal actions against them and their vile owner. I cancelled a cheque to them - best £30 I've ever spent...
    As for the others who waste your time, I'd got a method that usually worked. I would seem interested and allow them to chat, say I would be right back, then go off and do something else. Occasionally I'd repeat the dose and they'd always be there if you were convincing enough.
    I recall one favourite - it was in the middle of the Test Match and I would return at the end of every over.
    'Mr. X, have you got double glazing?'
    'Oo, let me see - hang on!'
    - one over later -
    'Yep, got that.'
    'Okay, we also sell fascias and bargeboards.'
    'Hang on - let me look.'
    - one over later -
    'Yes, got fascias, thank you. I'm sorry about that.'
    'So you have fascias and bargeboards?'
    'Oh, sorry - I forgot the bargeboards, wait there...'
    'No, no, please, just...'
    - cue a bit more cricket watching -

    You can make your own version of course, it actually became amusing. Be positive, be interested, then you can get away with a whole lot more...
    I've a friend who works in the call centre business and it's hard work but I think they're fair game if you're on TPS and disregard your privacy.
  • I get lots of calls to my business line, I find the quickest was to get rid of incoming calls from abroad is - when they ask for mr or mrs X, is to say coldly they have passed away - the line soon goes silent.....
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    I don't get many marketing calls, be it on my landline or mobile. (There isn't an electrical outlet near my phone point, so I can't keep my landline phone permanently plugged in; if anyone wants to call me on it, they have to call/text me on my mobile to get me to plug it in.) To be honest, I prefer giving my mobile number out to companies who require one, firstly because it costs them more to call me on a mobile. Also, I find it easier to screen calls on my mobile - I basically don't answer numbers I don't know, or ones listed as 'unknown caller'. If their call is important, they'll leave a voicemail. I also use blocking software that allows only a handful of people who might need me in an emergency to get through overnight, so that I don't get woken up by people who have no sense of time zones.

    As to ways to deal with the odd call that slips through, one of my favourites is one a friend of mine introduced me to. He'd get a lot of calls in the evening around the time he did his laundry every day. When a nuisance caller rang, he'd acknowledge them, say he needed to fetch something, then place the phone on top of his washing machine and leave it there for ten minutes.

    My all-time favourite is one my mother did years ago. We kept getting calls from a well-known double-glazing company regarding conservatories. After they'd called a dozen or so times, my mother said they were welcome to come and talk about it in person. The joke was on him when he arrived and found we lived on the sixth floor of a block of flats. :rotfl:
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    Yes you are right I already paid out one year I dont mind to be honest £15 for no cold calls. I just find it easier than doing it via phone menu
    If you're thinking of getting one of these then remember that after the first year it will cost £15 pa (currently) to use their Internet Control Panel plus the Web Link call costs which update it with call data from your unit. You don't have to use the Control Panel if you don't want to, however.
  • Another way of dealing with unwanted sales calls (especially for double glazing/kitchens etc.) is to say that you are a tenant & live in rented accomodation. They then hang up quite quickly.
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    Dave_C wrote: »
    Most people are missing the point. Unless you use trucall, anonymous call rejection or reject international numbers, no matter what you say or do will make the slightest difference.
    The scenario is as follows
    1. Indian call centre gets computerised list generated by customer
    2. they ring you
    3. Call rejected - they press a button on the keyboard to call the next number on list
    4. You reply in the negative. No matter what you say or do at this stage- all they do is they press a button on the keyboard to call the next number on list
    5. you reply in the positive - they make some money, press a few buttons but at the end - they press a button on the keyboard to call the next number on list
    6. Indian call centre reaches end of list
    7. Start over with new list/new call centre
    The trick is to eliminate steps 4 and 5 where you pick up the phone!

    I agree with others in that the phone company should make it easier for us householders to block these calls. Why are BT not giving away Trucall style facilities? (this was a rhetorical question, the answer is that they are making money from these calls)

    I disagree.

    I related a story earlier which tends (it could have just been a coincidence) to demonstrate that certain behaviours can make a difference.

    I'd been getting called several times a week for some weeks and it was the same two or three individuals wanting to talk about energy.

    Initially, when they said: "Could I speak to Mr Azari" I simply said "no" and put the phone down. This had no effect on the frequency of the calls.

    Then one day I tried the "Hold on, I'll call him" technique and the guy stayed on the phone for nearly two minutes. The next day he called and I did the same thing. This times he only waited about 10 seconds before hanging up. Since then I haven't had a single call.

    If you think about what they are trying to do, it does not make any sense for them not to remove numbers where the occupant is clearly determined to waste their time. They are not completely stupid. If they are going to repeatedly spend a minute calling someone who is not only not going to engage with them but will actually waste their time as well, then they are throwing away time they could be using to make money.

    I think that technique and the one where you pick up the phone but do not say anything and just wait for them to hang up are the ones that will work.
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