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    International cold calling continues because it's still economically viable. If each agent can make (say) 200 cold calls a day they'll be hitting enough volume to ensnare at least one person.

    All you have to do is make it economically unviable by wasting the cold callers time.

    When you answer, sound extremely interested, and tell them you're just going to put the phone done to get a pen/turn the radio off/close the door. Then walk away. Leave them there, hanging on. Come back ten minutes later and hang up.

    If everyone did this, it would soon be too much of a nuisance to make nuisance calls.

    I agree.

    This works.

    I can't guarantee it will work for all callers but it worked for one particularly persistent outfit that had been calling me 2-3 times a week for some weeks. (Although they didn't stay on the phone for anywhere near 10 minutes.)
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    Check to see if your details are on www dot 192 dot com (sorry, as a new member I can't give this as a link). They take and collate all the information they can and sell it on. They know your full name, age, address, phone number, other people who live at your house, how long you've lived there, the cost of your house, etc, etc. They take details from the electoral roll, including from the time before the privacy tick-box was included. They also take them from the phone directory, unless you are ex-directory.

    You can get your details removed, but they will list them again unless you are vigilant. They say you have to fill in a form and send it in, but if you complain by email they will deal with it.

    While you're looking, please check for any elderly relatives or friends, especially those who don't have access to a computer.

    Remember to never confirm who you are or any other details until you know who is calling.
    The second thing you should always say is "Please take me off your database" - if it is a UK caller they have to comply.
    I read a tip somewhere - maybe here - pressing the hash key can be annoying to the caller.

    It's time the telephone companies, who are so keen to take our money, sort this out. And all legitimate companies should stop withholding their numbers.
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    joneeboy wrote: »
    Those of you who talk to these numbers are not being clever. You only making a rod for your own back, because if you identify yourself as an individual, your number will continue to be sold on to others around the world. You should wait for callers to identify themselves. Give them a few sconds. If they do not, say nothing.Just put the phone down! If it is important, or someone you know, they will call again,especially if you have told all your friends and relatives to say who they are when they call you.

    I agree wholeheartedly. These companies appear to have software that polls telephone numbers at random & if the call is answered I've come to the conclusion that voice-recognition software is used to recognize a viable target. If you have a phone that displays the caller's number & you see 'International', some premium-rate number or an 08*** type number, pick the phone up & just listen - do NOT say anything, don't even breathe. If you hear someone foreign saying 'Hello? Hello?' you know it's a call centre - leave the handset on the table/desk for a couple of minutes then replace it. If voice-recognition software is being used, you'll hear the 'number unobtainable' tone after just a few seconds. The idea is to give them absolutely nothing to go on & no encouragement to hope for a better outcome next time. We get on average about 1 call every couple of days & they are getting progressively less frequent.
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    These use to be the bain of my life until I registered with the TPS and now, touch wood, they have stopped. Well 99% of them. Before this however, when they used to say is Mrs... or Mr... so and so there I used to say hold on a second i'll get them for you and just leave the phone on the side. After a few minutes they get bored and hang up. Do this a few times they tend not to call back.
    In regards to junk mail, I used to save it all up and then post it back to them in THEIR postage paid envelopes. Pizza Menus and all that junk used to go straight back to whoever the first unlucky person that sent me a postage paid envelope was. That helps clear your house full of junk and at the same time gives you a sense of satisfaction...
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    Invest in an orbital laser cannon that can track phone calls back to their source, and then vapourise the caller's building to atoms... Simples :) (Okay, I'm being sarcastic.)

    Been trying to develop one of those for years - if someone's beaten me to it, I'll buy theirs....lol
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    Only way I have found to stop unwanted calls is get the device called truecall. I am already proactive in not giving my details out willy nilly, clicking on the box for no marketing, member of tps and ex directory for 15 years. I still get odd cold caller but truecall blocks all of them not one has every got through in 2 1/2 years. It saves all the aggravation of telling them to take a hike because no matter how polite or rude they take no notice of your requests at least thats what I found.
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    one way of stopping them in their tracks is to act a 'bit mental'...My favourite is to say ' Sorry,Mr H..... has died - he contracted AIDS as a result of having unprotected anal sex with an Ethiopian transexual -& sorry you cannot speak to his wife or children as he passed it on to them & they are in hospital '.A bit weird I know (which is the point) but it amused me & I have never had a response to it!
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    I used to enjoy my regular calls from those nice gentlemen in India(?) who just want to help me fix my computer since Microsoft are so worried about all the 'bad files' on it....
    its just so disappointing that the commands they give me to run always seem to produce surprising results that they're not expecting - like Windows Key+R and type 'cmd', should give a command window but curiously on my computer makes the screen flash green and purple, or any similarly bizarre behaviour I can think of(must be those 'bad files...to be honest, something just about plausible, like media player running or wordpad opening, is much more fun, because I quite often had them getting supervisors and technicians to try and solve my 'problems' for me.

    Way I look at it, the more time I waste for them, the less other people they can scam, and it can be damned amusing too....
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    savemoney wrote: »
    Only way I have found to stop unwanted calls is get the device called truecall.
    If you're thinking of getting one of these then remember that after the first year it will cost £15 pa (currently) to use their Internet Control Panel plus the Web Link call costs which update it with call data from your unit. You don't have to use the Control Panel if you don't want to, however.
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    After dozens of calls from Kitchens Direct, getting me more and more frustrated (culminating in a threat to report them, to which the salesman replied – amazingly: "You can't stop us, we're untouchable"), I took a different approach. The next time they called, I said politely: "Just hang on a minute" and walked away. They weren't there when I returned. Repeated it once more and never heard from them again!
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