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Someone I know has had money removed from a bank account from a company called without permission.

They never signed up to this company, and have now had approx £50 removed from their account and have been sent a "benefits card" entitling them to apply for loans etc. When trying to call them, the "receptionist" asked for the customer name and phone number so the call could be returned because "all advisors were busy". These details were refused as we wanted to speak to someone there and then as money had been mistakenly taken, and the receptionist hung up.

Sounds weird right? Ive never heard of this happening before, and I work in finance support.

Can anyone give any help/advice how to go about pursuing a refund, and how to approach the company!?


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    Has the person you know been looking online for a loan?

    If it's then they charge a fee of £49.75 to become a member. It's automatically taken from a credit/debit card registered when signing up for their membership.
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    Nope, she didnt even have internet access when she allegedly applied!
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    Does anyone else have access to their bank cards who could have registered using them?
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    Not that I am aware of no.
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    amymkeen wrote: »
    Nope, she didnt even have internet access when she allegedly applied!

    We all have access to the Internet. For example many libraries offer it free or we could use a friend's connection.

    Was the payment taken by direct debit or from a card?

    If it was taken by direct debit your friend should contact her bank and ask for a refund under the direct debit guarantee, and make sure the direct debit is cancelled.

    If it was taken from a card, your friend should contact the issuer to dispute the transaction.

    However, before doing any of this it would be a good idea to contact Loans Direct for a response. They have a contact web form on their website. And they also have a proper email address: [email protected]. Keep a copy of what your friend sends them and their response (if any). Her bank or card issuer may want to see this.
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    Very common, she's been had by a broker...that's all.

    I would imagine she's been "on the market" for a loan but has for whatever reason been unable to get one. This leads people to sign up on these sites who disguise their true purpose extremely well part the gullible from the little cash they have.

    Apples will know better but on their website will be a procedure for getting her money back which will probably involved writing a letter.

    Good luck.
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  • Did you manage to get the money back and find out how the bank details were obtained?

    I rang them today and they said they will ring me tomorrow to discuss the issue.
  • I rang them today and they said they will ring me tomorrow to discuss the issue.
    Hands up who thinks they will ring you tomorrow to sort it out?
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    Oh come on OP!

    Not only did she give them her bank and card details, she also gave her address, otherwise how did they know where to send this "benefit" card to?
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