Somerset Wedding Venues

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I've been engaged for 3 weeks now, and we're looking for a May 2014 date (hopefully!). We want to get the venue sorted before anything else, so we can draw up a proper budget (looking for no more than £6000 all in, as we're paying for it ourselves).
Does anyone have any ideas for venues in Somerset which are reasonably priced, but will hold civil ceremonies so the day can all be in one location? And also any personal recommendations??

Many thanks,
Hannah :)


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    There are quite a few nice places in Somerset e.g.St Audries Park, Nr Bath, Orchardleigh House, Nr Frome. Are you near the Dorset or Wiltshire border?
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    I'm outside Yeovil, we're looking at about an hour/40-50 mile radius from here in any direction. St Audries looked lovely but saw on their brochure that 2013 weddings were £12,000!!
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    Yes I know where that is. St Audries do last minute offers at a fraction of the price. We are getting married out Orchardleigh House however it is a lot cheaper as in the winter season. Our photographer has done quite a few weddings at Haselbury Mill, other suggestions are Sherborne Castle you can get married in the Orangery there which is very pretty, or Hornsbury Mill. What type of venue are you thinking about a stately home type of place, castle, hotel, barn etc? Also how many guests?

    Have you considered a mid week or sunday wedding as opposed to a friday or saturday wedding as they will be cheaper.
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    have you seen Priston Mill?

    The venue location is gorgeous. Its so pretty and not too far from Bath x
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    Maunsell House had an offer on Groupon last week. Maunsell is a couple of miles from Taunton and M5 junction.
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    Yeah, saw their last minute deals for this summer and they looked really good money for value - its just whether i can convince myself and OH to do a late deal or not lol!

    Erm, anything 'nice'. Really unhelpful, I know. We like the look of most stately homes/hotels/castles . . . I can't decide whether the places we're looking at are expensive for what they are, whether we just have expensive taste, or whether that's just the price of the sort of wedding we want to have!

    Will have a look at Priston Mill... and I saw that groupon offer - we are currently having a debate as to whether a weekday wedding would be feasible or how many of our guests that we really want there would be happy taking a day off work :)
    Thank you for your suggestions!x
  • I live in a similar area & know that The Manor & Yeovil Court Hotel do wedding packages, I think the County Council still own some venues in Taunton (cheaper than privately owned)

    the links to approved civil wedding premises are here:

    South Somerset


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    Not sure if this is too far away, but Lyme Regis Town Hall have a new room opening for civil ceromies over looking the beach/sea. Looks lovely inside.

    Also Weycroft hall have really cheap weekend wedding hire and B&B is only £25 a night. You will have to hire a caterer though.

    but like I said both maybe too far away.

    Do Fleet Arms do weddings?
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    I know a very nice and experienced photographer in your area..
    Feudal Britain needs land reform. 70% of the land is "owned" by 1 % of the population and at least 50% is unregistered (inherited by landed gentry). Thats why your slave box costs so much..
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    Thank you for all those suggestions!!
    My brother got married in Upwey church and had his photos done down on the cobb, they look beautiful. Will check it out!

    Thank you for the links joolzred - very useful :)

    C_Mababejive, we haven't considered photographers yet but if you pm'd me a website address or some contact details I'll get in contact once we're ready!!

    Thank you everyone :) x
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