Overhead Power Lines

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Hi All,

Please can someone help me i have got a compensation claim going through with scottish power with the overhead power cables that run over my property i first put the claim in in Aug 2011 with PCC.

I am now at the point of almost completion heres where the problem starts i have just received a letter from my solicitor saying she has received a letter from the mortgage company (NRAM) saying they wiill not give the letter of consent and the money £2394 is to be paid directly to them (NRAM) Is this right can NRAM do this and just claim all of the compensation money???? they never stated a reason why they was doing this so yes im a tad confused to say the least but i wont give up without a fight if i cant have it they are certainly not having it.

I have spoken to the solicitor who said this is normal for NRAM to do this and its not the first case shes had where they (NRAM) have taken all the claim money from other claimants she advised me to look at my T & C of my mortgage which i have done and cannot see anything about this on there bare in mind i took my mortgage out in 2007 and the T & C have since been renewed by NRAM in 2010.

Any advise or help with what i should do would be greatly appreciated




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