MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Handy Andy ask Carol and Laurence for more money?

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    Andy has asked a price for the work he has done to help out his friends so technically the contract between them has been fulfilled. However there maybe a moral dilemma if Andy was unaware of their current plans to sell the property. He may have decided to charge more for the work if "his friends" had explained the situation, this way everyone gains. Also once Carol and Laurence have made their money they would be wise to offer Andy a bonus who knows when they might need his services again. Someone like Andy is worth his weight in gold both as a friend and as an handyman.
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    I had a similar situation - a mate did a lot of redecorating for me for materials plus beer, then i decided to sell up as i'd moved jobs...if he had asked for a bit extra I would probably have been offended (human nature!) but I slipped him a grand anyway...the moral choice is with me so I would never put one of my mates in the position where they have to ask!
    (P.S. He refused it as a matter of principle so i gave it to his wife instead!)
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    I don't think that he can really renegotiate with them for the work that he's already done coz that's water under the bridge... but he could tell them how he feels about it - that is, he feels as though they've taken advantage of him - and see if they give him any more cash.

    Whatever happens I would tell them that if they ever wanted him to do any more work for them then they would have to pay the full whack...

    And maybe he should learn to be a bit more savvy and not such a pushover where friends are concerned if he can't afford to do it...

    Having said all that if I was the couple selling the house then I would definitely give my friend a wad of cash after it was sold...

    I know of a slightly similar situation. My ex-BIL finally moved out of his mum's house when she sold it to move in with her new husband. He was moving into a shared house and his mum gave him her old settee & chairs coz she needed to get rid of them anyway. A few months later he moves into his own furnished flat and sells the settee & chairs to the guy who owned the shared house. His mum then started moaning coz she didn't give her any of the money he got for them :confused: IMHO she gave him the stuff so whatever money he got from it was his...
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    I think they should give him a share of the profit, but I don't think he should ask.
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    I don't see how Andy can feel hard done by if the change of job came out of the blue....after all he agreed the price and must have been happy to do it for the price quoted.

    However if the job change was anticipated then if I was Andy I would be slightly p!ssed off but again as the price of the job was agreed I'm not sure if I would say anything......but put it down to experience and never put myself in a position again.

    However if I was Carol & Lawrence I would feel bad if I didn't give Andy a token of my appreciation for all his hard work.
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  • Morgana wrote: »
    Andy shouldn't have to ask for extra cash - real friends would explain their change of plan and offer to cough up. If they don't, he shouldn't help them out again.

    Here Here! I heartedly agree except in that he shouldn't help again. Of course he should but ;) at an inflated rate.
  • Friends come and go ......... you'll always need money
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    []Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
    Should Handy Andy ask Carol and Laurence for more money?

    Builder and decorator Andy has been helping Carol & Laurence do up the run down house they bought as their new family home.!As they're good friends he's been doing it at mates' rates to give them a leg up and somewhere to live quickly.!Originally it was meant to be just three weeks' work, but it ended up being five weeks.!Now Andy's found out that due to a job change, rather than living in the house, the couple are planning to put the now glistening property back on the market to make some serious cash. Should he go back and ask them for full commercial rates for the job - over twice as much?
    Enter the Money Moral Maze: Should Handy Andy ask Carol and Laurence for more money?

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  • bigdave_4bigdave_4 Forumite
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    What is all this claptrap about contracts - these are meant to be friends. They should cough up and show what friendship really means
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  • I would just stop doing any work for them, as friends they should offer you more money and if they dont, then just dont help them out again
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