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  • i have had no way near as good a deals as you guys but got a little warning
    it has been said before BUT it is a sign of the times
    but aldi seems to have changed their reduced policy
    i noticed last week the labeled reduce no longer say 30%(was stuff reduced in the afternoon for the next day) or 50%(was stuff use by today) it now says reduced.
    This week i am off on holiday doing some painting and decorating so in the morning i shop before getting too paint covered . This week different cashiers have served me in aldi i am a regular they all know i go in for the reduced. today the assitant manager made the point of going up to the cashier at the till and telling her 30 percent is for ALL the reduced she said is it not just the flowers. when they had finished i said thank you for the claification
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    Had a great yellow sticker shop in as asda tonight, Got cherry and rhubarb pies 25p each, yummy gypsy tarts 2 for 35p, 6 cheese topped rolls 25p each, 2 x 2pints semi skimked milk 50p, 3 x 6freerange eggs 50p each, decent ham 50p and leeks 20p (will go great with mr. t points offer on potatoes) for leek and potato soup! Quite surprised how much I got considering it was a friday night - usually not lucky on this night. Not found much at Mr. t. lately finding him very stingy with yellow stickers - maybe I'm not just hitting it at the right time.
  • Had a really good ys shop yesterday - best for ages. Got 3 x chickens at £2 each, fish, stuffed pork steaks, veggies, fruit & yoghurt all less than half price. Made this my rule of thumb now - got to be half or less or it gets left. Almost can't remember the last time I paid full price for something lol
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    Not bad in Mr S last night got loaves of kingsmill Oatilicious for 39p each and a 50/50 for 29p a organic seeded loaf for 20p and some sausage rolls for 29p.
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  • A certain big blue supermarket (won't mention the name for fear of jinxing it) is offering meaty items @ 2 for £6 (£1 off), 3 for £8 (£2.50 off)quite good.
    Add to that, at 25 to 10 tonight they were coming out at 70p each,
    -£2.50 discount
    = they paid me 40p for taking them.:eek:
    I had 12!!:p £1.60 off my other (reduced) items & free meat, totally legit.;)
    Greedy I know, but they were gonna be thrown away & it'll probably never happen again in my life.
    Very happy today:) Every little helps...:rotfl:
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    Congrats good feeling isnt it? Happened to me too with a pile of RC chipolatas and another time with thin cook steak. Only downside was the steak was just gristle glad I never had to pay for them.
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    went to M&S today mainly for the meal deal as a special treat for OH and was surprised at the yellow sticker pickings

    various cook in sauces 0.25p
    6 muffins 0.50
    12 mini pittas 0.50
    2 x realy thick pepper rump steak £5 (sounds a lot but is £10 full price so another treat meal for the future)
    2x steak and kidney pies £2
    family chicken and veg and steak and mushroom pies £2 each
    strawbs £1.25
    various mixed fruit pots £1
    watercress and rocket £0.50
    loads of other bread products about 0.50 each
    loads of the veg pots from the meal deal down to £1

    i think i may try popping to M&S more when they are due to close if this is a regular thing :-)
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    Our M&S is a real hit and miss, as much as you can be lucky and go at lunchtime and they are reducing the lot as you can go just before closing and you get nothing, so many wasted trips do not bother with it anymore.

    Morries is still the same here at lunchtime, all the same stuff over and over like gammon for 99p, loads of different soups 25p, breads 15p and above, cakes 19p, steaks £3 instead of £8 got all three of those for the future, bacon 75p, coleslaw sandwich spreads, potato salads, all 19p/25p, pilau rice 75p, loads of curries and chinese ready meals £1.19 instead of £3.49, yogs 49p instead of £1.75 all same ol same ol but I always get the sausages, gammon, chicken, pork, steak first and then the add ons:D
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    I'm sure you're an angel in disguise Victory :)
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    Go for it, Broke. I don't understand the "leave some for others" mentality - only the "don't take more than you can use" mentality. If you can use or freeze then I don't see a reason to be contrite!
  • Fab! Did you go through the checkout or self-service? If the checkout I'd love to have seen the checkout operators face :)
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