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May 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 19 April 2012 at 6:45PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • FlorenceemFlorenceem Forumite
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    I made 7 muffins Flo, ate 1 and froze 6......I knew you'd be cross with me if I ate all 7!! :rotfl:;):rotfl:

    I am enjoying using the Portmeirion very much!! And my breakfast portions look HUGE when I put them in the oatmeal bowls, so I feel I am eating more :D

    Dont wait to use yours - get your full enjoyment from deserve it!
    Still thinking about it! :)
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  • DundeeDoll wrote: »
    jumblejack they look awesome and remind me of the rolls of 'home bake' cookie mix I used to buy when we were in the states (seemed a bit rich to call them home made but they were fun cos they had patterns like Billy Bear so you got ones with faces and pumpkins and all sorts). Sadly I don't like peanuts. Just wondering if I could do this with normal cookie dough. Time to experiment...

    Hi DundeeDoll
    just popping out from lurking! I don't know of you saw the tv economy gastronomy? They had a cookie recipe on their which could be frozen called anytime cookies. Here is the recipe.
    I did try them once, but didn't freeze them to be honest. I remember them being yummy. I wouldn't have pit nuts on so would have been chocolate or raisins etc I used.

    Going back to lurking for now
    :j Baby boy arrived 22nd August 2012 :j
    :jSecond menace arrived safely 13th February 2014
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  • FlorenceemFlorenceem Forumite
    5.2K posts
    elizabunny wrote: »
    Evening everyone!

    4 NSDs in a row and I was feeling so pleased with myself until today. Just cleaning my new cooker after Sunday Dinner and accidentally dropped and smashed :eek::mad::eek::mad: the main oven inner glass door. It went with a bang into hundreds of tiny pieced. Ooooh I am so annoyed with myself, a new one will cost around £52 including delivery. So much for my no spend days:(

    Have just finished making a dozen sourdough bread rolls and will have to bake them in the small top oven.

    I need to get milk tomorrow and was going to do a bit more baking, but may have to put that on hold until the new inner door arrives:(
    Oh dear - I would be cross with myself if that happened to me.
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  • FlorenceemFlorenceem Forumite
    5.2K posts
    jumblejack wrote: »
    Meat pies ready now. Leftover pastry has been turned into jam tarts and pastry twists that are about to take their turn in the hot oven. photo-69.jpg?t=1336924734
    Never thought of pastry twists - is it plain pastry and what is sprinkled on top please? What do you eat them with?
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  • FlorenceemFlorenceem Forumite
    5.2K posts
    NSD here again. :j
    We had HM cheese/onion pastie with roast potatoes/roast parsnip & roasted vegetables - courgettes, mushrooms and onions for dinner. I am nearly out of onions! :eek: I last bought a 10 kg bag from Lid. Also bit low on veggies. There was just one tired parsnip to have tonight. :o
    Oh well - menus can be changed - I don't want to shop unless absolutely necessary - spent a lot this month! :( I will have to buy some milk though. A week left of my May GC. :eek:

    15 in 2015 1/15
  • mummyyof5mummyyof5 Forumite
    1.8K posts
    Florenceem..L**l are doing a 5kg sack of onions for £1.29 at the moment...they are nice sized too..I picked 1 up today we use a lot of onions so too good to miss.
    Feeding 6 Adults 1 Teen a 8 year old with hollow legs and a very fussy 5 year old. Also 3 cats and 3 fishies
    To include all Food,Toiletries and Petfood.
  • Feeling a little frustrated because I've already gone over budget. Current spend is £158.95. This should feed us for a week and a half but that still leaves another week before the end of the month.

    On the other hand, this is massively better than we were doing a few months ago. I'm cutting down on the convenience foods/pre-prepared ingredients and becoming more aware of how to cheaply bulk up a meal. I'd like to look into bulk-buying to cut costs but we are moving in July so I want to run down the food stores, not build them up.
    Unofficial MoneySaver since 2007. Buying/renovating a house then want to start a family so I need to get serious about being frugal!
    May GC 158.95/150
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    Renovation Debt 3880/???
  • I love looking at all the food pics :) makes me hungry though!

    BBQ was lovely. I had three very overripe bananas lurking in the fruit bowl so I ran a knife down one side of each banana, squeezed in some chocolate buttons, wrapped the bananas in foil and put on the BBQ for about 15 minutes. The banana's and chocolate went all gooey and lovely. It made a lovely pudding and used up the fruit. Very mse :)
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  • PennyGrabberPennyGrabber Forumite
    1.3K posts
    Mummyof5, you beat me to it! I was going to say about the onions too! I didn't get any though, as I'm still working through some I got recently.

    NSD today, although my friend and I went in halves on a home brew kit! It's all set up, and in two weeks we'll have 30 bottles of rose wine, apparently! Can't wait - we've set aside the second Sat from now to 'sample' it!!!

    Children had hm pizza for dinner, ham and sweetcorn toppings, and I had boiled new pots with steak, onion, mushroom and cream. I've now had that two nights in a row, and I've got enough left to have it tom too. Have really enjoyed cooking for myself - don't often do it, as I tend to have whatever's hanging around when the children are at their dad's, but I made a special effort yesterday, and I'm reaping the rewards!

    NSDs tom, and hopefully through the week until Saturday. That's the plan, let's see if I can hold out!

    Night all,

    PG x
    Grocery challenge for family of three - me, dd(12) and ds(11), feeding dp 2 or 3 x a week too. Only food, not toiletries. Jan £87.97/£100 Feb £0/£100
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  • jumblejackjumblejack Forumite
    6.6K posts
    Florenceem wrote: »
    Never thought of pastry twists - is it plain pastry and what is sprinkled on top please? What do you eat them with?

    I just grated a bit of cheese over the pastry and quickly worked or into the trimmings.

    I rolled into sausages and made into knots.

    The last of my eggy wash from glazing the pies was used over the twists and then
    Sprinkled with sesame seeds.

    I will use freeze them in and use them up in packed lunch boxes as a savoury snack.

    I just couldn't be bothered to get an extra tray out for more jam tarts with the surplus.

    I love your pasties, by the way. :T
    They look really professional:)
    :A Every moment is a gift. That's why we call it the present.!:A
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