Have you been hit by recession?

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    It is interesting to note that the media has not made any comment regarding the ending of ESA contribution Based allowance. For those that have been on it for over 1 year, this ended on 30th April. This has hit me hard as I have lost mine. Upon speaking to someone at DWP, they assumed that I had a partner to 'keep me'. I don't. When told I would need to use my savings, I asked what happened when these were used up, I was told I would have to sell my house!

    Why has the Media not covered the hardships that are being suffered by people on ESA Contribution allowance that have had their money terminated at a stroke. We are not even allowed to claim the JSA allowance, as 'we have to be fit for work'.

    There has been masses of media coverage when other benefit cuts have been implemented.
  • Double dip!! rubbish we have been in a recession for the past 4 years with no light at the end of the tunnel, as a self employed trades man my income dropped by nearly 80% and has never recovered
  • ...erm totalling 102% votes ?

    Vastly improved 425 votes (4 %)
    Better than they were 959 votes (9 %)
    A little improved 1,071 votes (10 %)
    Not really changed 2,976 votes (27 %)
    A little worse 2,209 votes (20 %)
    Worse than they were 2,441 votes (22 %)
    Vastly worse than they were 1,115 votes (10 %)
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    ...erm totalling 102% votes ?
    ...erm rounding perhaps?
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