'Are you a 'real person'?' blog discussion

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    ashleyriot wrote: »
    Lol, the magazine, "Real People" above:

    "My mate boiled my willy."

    Another one, just for you.

    I coughed up my cancer!
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    Well OK, everyone wants to have a laugh, but more seriously, it's probably because like most things, the media focuses on the more extreme of examples. As it makes good headlines/bloglines etc.
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    Using the term 'real people' just enables someone somewhere to disagree with what ever stance you take or whatever you are talking about.

    Am I a real person?... erm I'm quite happy being just me!

    Another overused term that really, really winds me up... "I know my rights" (usually used in reference to something that it is not their right to have/do)

    Oh and my personal favourite... "i know what I'm entitled to". (used in reference to something that they are not entitled to like that flat screen TV that they spent the housing benefit on)
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    Derivative wrote: »
    Another one, just for you.

    I coughed up my cancer!

    So this is what real people do? *Gets out notepad*

    Melt people's faces
    Have two kids in ten months
    Become a page three girl as a middle aged guy
    Trap yourself under a lift
    and cough up your cancer

    Considering I've never done any thing that extreme, it's fair to say that I'm not a real person then
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    There are an awful lot of people out there who think helping others consists of being rude, to somehow jolt them out of their situation.
    It ends up reading like they are showing off how together and under control they are themselves. These people are openly idealists, but usually do not apply the same rules to themselves.

    You can earn a lot of money and be in debt. You can have a great job and be in debt. You can work really, really hard and be in debt - in fact I've found personally that I spend more money on more stupid things, the more I work - gives me a feeling of a release.
    When people send out a cry for help, they need to be nurtured and informed of their options nicely - they need empathy more than anything.

    That's what Martin can show, and many on MSE forums do. There are a hardcore that don't though - "I'll tell it like it is - that'll shake em out of it" No it won't, and it doesn't. Think twice if you're planning of employing that tactic.
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    I feel a lot of those types of grumbles are being driven by;

    1) This issue affects people who have more money / a better situation / fewer other problems than me. Why are you helping them? People like me need help more

    2) That's got to be a rare case, and even if the time you spent made a huge personal difference to a small number of people (or even one person), I think you should be spending your time focusing on issues that affect larger numbers of people

    3) This issue doesn't affect me. I'm a normal person with real problems (I must be, I'm "me"), so that problem can't be affecting lots of people (because I'm normal, lots of people must be like me). I want you to focus on my problems instead.

    ...or the even less empathetic and judgemental version of number 3;

    4) This issue doesn't affect me. I wouldn't have been stupid enough to allow myself to get into that situation and I don't think anyone who did is as deserving of your help as people who do all the right things, but still face big problems (like me, for example)
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    Try being skinnier than the national average - there are fashions out there for "real women" - what does that make the thin ones?
    You never know how far-reaching something good, that you may do or say today, may affect the lives of others tomorrow
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    Real person seems to be interchangeable with:
    1/ People who are like me
    2/ People with who I can relate
    Generally showing an amazing willingness to trivialise the views of others.
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  • you are helping real people. It is clear that banks, marketing companies, energy companies etc. exploit the behavioural characteristics of "real people" and have been doing so for years. These traits have been demonstrated over the years through psychological studies. Financial advice and education should be for everyone, even those who make mistakes or get into debt. It is an unfortunate world with no second chances... keep up the good work
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    I will say I have seen money saving programs on TV without Martin and thought this isn't real, ie they have £40k debts yet earn £80k, the answer is usually stop spending £1500 a week on clothes and hair cuts, which is great but really doesn't help 'real people'.

    I must say help on this site has helped me massively and I am a real person, things like ISA rates, mortgage guides, credit card shuffles all have helped me out.

    Keep up the good work.
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