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The bank called me up to request permission to take money to conduct a valuation today. What, from this point, can go wrong apart from the valuation not being successful? Have they finished pawing through my finances? Or is there still a chance they could fist me on affordability or credit checks or some such nonsense?


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    How confident are you with the valuation. They are a lot stricter these days. They dont seem to like new builds for example.

    It used to be basically what you paid for it....now its more of a proper valuation.

    Good luck.....
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    The house seems fairly tidy. It's not new. I think it's probably worth more than what I'm paying for it.

    The valuation isn't really my concern. Rather how far down the mortgage application process line the actual valuation is. Is it the last thing before they greenlight my application for instance? Have I passed the financial stuff?
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    You seem very concerned with a credit check. Is there something adverse on your file?
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    Not that I'm aware of. My concern with my file is lack of credit history.
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