Have you been hit by recession?

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We're officially in recession. That's defined as the economy shrinking for six months (two successive quarters). Yet we've been stagnating for far longer than that, so what's been the real impact on you?[FONT=&quot]
[FONT=&quot]Compared to six months ago (a recession is measured over that time), are your overall finances:[/FONT]

Vastly improved
Better than they were
A little improved
Not really changed
A little worse
Worse than they were
Vastly worse than they were

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  • torbrextorbrex
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    Compared to 6 months ago, my finances have barely changed but compared to 12 months ago, there has been a huge change with my savings dropping to finance some purchases that my previous wages would have taken care of.

    I re-arranged my accounts about 8 months ago when it became clear that I was unable to re-gain a full-time permenant job, I had also to change the way I was spending money and be a bit more prudent. I have been able to live within the income that I have been getting for the last 6 months so there has been no noticable change.
  • happyinfloridahappyinflorida Forumite
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    I'm not well enough to work but thanks to this rotten government I'm losing my benefits - don't know how we're going to manage

    My husband had to appeal - as I can't cope with all of this, to get me DLA, which I'd had but was stopped - that took 9 months and finally after an appeal - where we had to go to a local hotel, like a bloody court appearance - it was reinstated.

    I think this government picks on the sick and disabled deliberately in the hope they'll just kill themselves and they get rid of us. It is totally wrong and I am furious at the way they've done this. Millionaires who've never gone without anything their whole rotten lives.
  • magic49magic49 Forumite
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    Lost my job after 34 years as a Careers Adviser! Much worse off now as live on my own. Not a happy bunny. Hard to get a job at age 54 and I was 6 months too young to take my full pension which would have paid off my house.:mad:
  • I'm going to say A little improved on a technicality but in reality, as of last week, it is vastly improved :-)
    In Feb 2011 I was made redundant, but I found and started a new job (with better pay) in April 2011. I have been studying and painting and working a second job throughout this time, too.
    Six months ago me and my bf moved closer to our workplaces, making our commute extremely short and walkable. We found a place just a little higher than our old place in rent & bills, but have spent the past six months as a 1 car hoursehold instead of 2, so have saved in this sense. Our fuel bills are much, much lower as we can now walk to our friends, family, to town, to the shops, to the gym etc. Previously we had to take the car everywhere as we lived in the middle of nowhere.

    Last summer the OH spent 12 saturdays doing some voluntary paid work in another department for his company, and last week, was offered a promotion with a pay rise interally. So, although he won't be seeing the pay rise until a month or so when he starts his new job, we will be much better off thanks to all the hours he put in last summer.
    We've both put in a lot of work to beat the odds... it's been bloody hard to secure jobs and get pay rises.
  • 6 months ago I had a job i liked, a nice house and a husband (estranged although still together). I lost my job of almost 15 years at the end of November and have been claiming benefits for the past 5 months. As after 6 months your unemployment benefit stops if you are married (which as far as they were concerned i was) I had no choice other than to move out of the marital home and take a private let who accepted DSS using up the last of my redundancy to pay the deposit and first months rent. I am now in a position where i would get housing benefit to pay the rent however their office is very understaffed and behind so I don't know when they will get around to my form ( i was told they were still looking at forms from early march). My landlord is chasing for my 2nd months rent and i don't have a brass farthing to give them. They know i am waiting on my benefit coming through but insist i must pay it so i have been left in a position of having to beg friends and family to bail me out. I am having to buy the really cheap nasty stuff in the supermarket just so i can eat and the flat has one of those god awful pay as you go electric meters which is costing me £20 -£25 a week. The flat also had virgin installed and its going to cost me £40 a month just so i have a phone and internet access so I can apply for jobs. To say i am worse off is a complete understatement. I can't even afford to buy a paid of cheap shoes and the ones i am using are about to give up the ghost
  • tgroom57tgroom57 Forumite
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    I said 'not really changed' - although I owe slightly less than I did a year ago. I figure that puts me very slightly ahead, if the economy over the same period went into recession.

  • I put "about the same" and my heart goes out to everyone who'd finding it tough.
  • russjacksrussjacks Forumite
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    Due to me or my wife not having a pay rise for the last few years we have to be worse off.
    Due to the increase in gas, electric, council tax, petrol etc etc. but with no increase to pay for it, we have to be worse off.

    I feel for anyone who has lost there jobs, we all think we would be better of on the dole but in reallity there is no one out there to help you. hope anyone in this position is ok, remember to keep your chin up and don't let the b#####ds grind you down. xx

  • joanniejoannie Forumite
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    Slightly better off. My hubby has finally got a good rise on his pension and we have severely cut back on all food, days out and heating to save money, so feel a bit better off.
  • davenport151davenport151 Forumite
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    Totally agree Joannie- slightly better off but only because I really watch what I spend at the supermarket now. I used to spend the odd £20 or so over budget on items we didn't need.This has been my main cut back. Now I watch what I buy.
    Recite money mantra.
    Back on the trains again!

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