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  • got whole salmon from mr t a couple of days back reduced from £35 to £8.74... bargain
    3 kids(DS1 6 Nov, DS2 8 Feb, DS3 24 Dec) a hubby and two cats - I love to save every penny I can!
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    Great YS in Asda last night - packs of rosemary sprigs for 10p - now in a glass of water on a sunny windowsill to root over next few weeks and give us plenty of plants to use as shrubs and for culinary use!

    Have to wonder why we need to import it from Israel though!

    If anyone want to do this pull (not cut) off the bottom inch or so of leaves
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  • Went Sainsburys today & got 3 packs of chipolatas down from 2.79 to 69p :D
    Also got 2 mackerel fishcakes for 39p!
    Quite good for Saturday as I went at 8 & theres usually nothing at that timw.
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    I went whoopsie shopping today, cant usually get there at the right time by DD had an event to go to for scouts so I ended up in Tesco to kill time till she was finished. We have a second freezer in the shed that was half empty so I got the following, not sure I can remember it all!

    2 packs Warburtons pancakes 24p each
    About 8 small french sticks 14p each
    4 fresh granary loaves 24p each
    2 x 2 lightly dusted place 70p each
    sausages 70p
    3 x ken hom meals + rice 70p
    chicken jalfrezi 54p
    2 x chicken kievs cant remember price

    Timed it right for once, this is the best shop I've had for reduced items.

    Freezer is now almost full but will be using all that bread this week in time for next Sundays bargains and any I find during the week!
    “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” - Dave Ramsey
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    Wow this thread has gone quiet. How's everyone doing with their bargain hunting? I'm getting very, very picky these days. Won't go over 50p for anything as my freezer is so full I can choose to turn my nose up if something isn't a real bargain. I have also learned that I get 2 really good days in a row and then there is nothing for a few days. This has been really consistent pattern for the last few weeks. There was nothing last night so I'm not going again until Monday. Have plenty in so don't need to go.

    My shopping bill for April.....£160. Thats for 4 of us and we have eaten really well and still have a fairly full freezer to give us a good start into May. Not bad at all, OH jaw dropped when I showed him.
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    if steak has at least 1/2 the price knocked off i buy it, freezer is nicely stocked with some ys sirloin from asda the other week. i also stick to the packs of meat from the deli counter ys also, nice variety in the freezer to use for lunches.
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    Went to Lidl and ASDA with my mother today and picked up a huge onion naan for OH YS to 56p in ASDA. When I say huge I mean it, it was the size of two dinner plates. I'm trying to wean him off all the processed c*ap so ignored the YS yogurts full of fructose but there were loads. Lots of YS veg but unfortunately for me nothing I didn't have in fridge either as 1/3rd off essential Waitrose offer or in the car from Lidl already.
  • got two loaves of burgen reduced in Waitrose from £1.39 to £1.09 each, know that isn't spectacular and it is cheaper in Asda etc anyway but no Asda around here. As is typical for waitrose they weren't about to go out of date either. Anyway I had the two 30p MOCs from burgen website so used them to knock them down to 79p each xx
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    Last night OH went to a local small Sainsburys and got 2 x Kingsmill thick white bread down to 29p each, 2 x kings mills white rolls to 20p each, a fresh pizza from £3.90 to 80p and sausage rolls usually £2.10 to 40p. He's put all in the freezer and the sausage rolls are ideal for DD's lunches for college as they want £1.80 for one in the canteen!
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    Yesterday I was working in a Tesco Express and as I went round made a note of the reductions. Nothing fantastic, one loaf of bread 55p and some Kingsmill pancakes that my kids like for 24p. Did spot reduced sliced or grated cheese but not enough to make me buy it.
    “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” - Dave Ramsey
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