MSE Team Blog: My new-build tips and tricks

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Hi all, this is a thread to discuss the MSE blog:My new-build tips and tricks

My new-build tips and tricks

"My home is the second new-build me and my family have owned in 11 years.

Of course, buying a new-build isn’t for everyone, and some prefer older properties.

But I thought I’d share some of my experiences..."
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    Some properties are worth rushing for - house buyer near me rushed in and bought a house for which there was sufficient land included to build an off-street space. That must add value in road with very little parking.

    As far as incentives go, I would rather negotiate on price. Rather than getting stamp duty paid, get an equivalent discount and then pay less stamp duty because the sale price is lower!
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    Good read! I am interested on doing the part exchange on my property for a new build! Was wondering can you still make lower offers on the new build if you PX your current property ?
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