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April 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 25 March 2012 at 5:56PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • FlorenceemFlorenceem Forumite
    5.2K posts
    NSD here.

    We had rice/peas with peri peri chicken and salad - celery/ cucumber/ grated carrot/ onion and tomatoes for dinner.

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  • FlorenceemFlorenceem Forumite
    5.2K posts
    I made two crumbles tonight - a large rhubarb and a smaller blackberry and rhubarb.
    Prepared fruit - had to get blackberries out of the freezer to fill the dish.
    Ready to cook.

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  • craigywvcraigywv Forumite
    2.3K posts
    All this talk of soup...

    I made bendy soup on Thursday night. We had boiled ham for dinner, and I usually save the water, put it in the fridge and think 'I'll do something with that later...'. Well, Thurs I actually made some soup while dinner was cooking! I chopped up loads of veg while making the parsley sauce for dinner, and then just shoved the veg into the pan as soon as I'd taken the ham out. Then, when I took the plates back to the kitchen after dinner, it was done! (I added some lentils and stock cubes too.)

    I had some for lunch on Friday at work, and my friends looked at it and said it looked nice, what type was it? I replied that it was bendy soup, and they said they'd never heard of it, what was in it?! I said you know, all the bendy veg from the bottom of the fridge! They all rotfl!!!

    It's generally the only type of soup I make! This one was a carrot, an onion, a leek, a swede, two spuds and some celery. Was lush! Serving it to my mum and brother for lunch tomorrow. Hopefully she'll approve; either that or she'll rave about my brother who's so amazing and so skint but makes such wonderful food... Of course, she's bringing the brother who had depression so much worse than me. I'm kind of the failure of the family, never done anything quite as good as my brothers... And my sister in law is like the daughter she never had, the way she raves about her. I'm so looking forward to them visiting for my birthday!!

    Whoops, I digress. Sorry.

    Guess I'm off th bed then.

    Night all,

    Pg x

    ps - spent £17 odd in a$da today, got loads of fruit for the week so no need to shop for a while.
    DO WE SHARE THE SAME MUM???????????????:rotfl:i have middle child syndrome the older MESSIAH (sorry brother) is the 8th wonder of the world also the one who brings most grief unto to the family but i think there should be a shrine and a national holiday in his honour. Then we have the younger sister sorry ANGEL FROM ABOVE who does near nothing for my parents but who also is revered to an ecclastical level i feel like i should bow down in her presence)perfect weight, hair , you know what i mean.Then there is me !!! the fat one !! :rotfl:the only one who actually does , brings and involves mum and dad in thinngs for no gain or benefit....the other 2 do things that they will gain from.............i used to worry NOT ANY MORE!!! i can rest happy that i have enjoyed mum and dad through ALL the ups and downs , AND apparently bro &sis gettin sick of ME getting SOME praise :rotfl:its only later in life m&d need us more i think and well they were there for us all along so its our time now to be there for them, sorry im at it again rambling shall go now for my coffee its pouring here so no need to water my veg today yayyyyyy:Twill have a nsd deffo!!!freezers bunged same with cupboards might make lemon drizzle cake and eat it all myself no one here likes it except me.....yep deffo making it now will check in later with the verdict , have a great day all, might just put wellies on and go to car boot at top of the road ,weather dont bother these people they come out to sell even in the snow...might get a bargain too as if its too wet the ordinary sane people wont come out to buy but i will be there shopper in hand and purse full of change, so bye for now :)
    C.R.A.P.R.O.L.L.Z #7 member N.I splinter-group co-ordinater :p I dont suffer from insanity....I enjoy every minute of it!!.:)
  • Penny-Pincher!!Penny-Pincher!! Forumite
    8.3K posts
    Can I post for May please as someone move it over?

    I would like to try £275 including food and diesel for 4 weeks.


    To repeat what others have said, requires education, to challenge it,
    requires brains!
  • edited 22 April 2012 at 9:08AM
    jumblejackjumblejack Forumite
    6.6K posts
    edited 22 April 2012 at 9:08AM
    Im feeling quite organised this morning.
    Pork casserole in the thermal cooker already and by the door ready to take to my parents' house.

    Gonna make a 2 minute chocolate pud for afters whilst I'm there:

    2oz butter
    2oz sugar
    1/2oz cocoa
    1 1/2oz SR flour
    1 egg

    2 minutes on full power in microwave. Voila!
    Pour over chocolate custard and enjoy!!!

    Gonna wash my hair and clean up before I whizz out.

    Thanks for the chutney recipe, Florenceem!!!!
    Will put that one in my book to try out:T

    Probably not be able to post piccies as Dad will think I've lost the plot if he catches me photographing his dinner:rotfl:
    :A Every moment is a gift. That's why we call it the present.!:A
    Grocery Spend Weekly Challenge (Sat-Fri):£30.50/£40
  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
    4.9K posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Mortgage-free Glee!
    hi...quiet day planned for today...going to have chicken for lunch and a selection of reduced veg to accompany it...might do some rice as well

    need to nip out tomorrow and get some strawberries for ds food technoliogy and will be able to pick up anything else we need....that quick chocolate pudding looks great i will be trying that...thankyou

    tata tess
    onwards and upwards
  • Ninno820Ninno820 Forumite
    765 posts
    Morning all - can I come back to play? I must admit that I lost it a little this month and need to post every day / most days just to keep me on the straight and narrow.

    My new month starts tomorrow so I am aiming for a target of £100. At some point I will need to go to the local farm shop and do a meat order for the freezer - amazing meat and offers like 3lbs of mince free when you but 6lbs etc. As long as you're prepared to spend some time baggng it up in portions for the freezer its worth going. However I have some savings that I could use for that if I need to.
    44 day challenge

    1. Pay £650 off overdraft (£ 288/ £650)
    2. Lose 12 lbs (4.5/ 12)
    3. Use YNAB everyday (6/44)
  • I am planning on staying in today........and the sky is blue and the sun is shinning!

    I HAVE to go out tomorrow so expect rain, hail and
    snow!! :rotfl:

    Today is going to be a NSD (oh yes it is ;)) but I have a date with a new male friend this afternoon (I am far too old for a "boy"friend :o) for tea and biccies but no biccies in the
    house :eek: recycled the stuff I bought for charity bake-off on Tuesday and make traditonal oat cookies today. Oh my goodness, gorgeous and not too sweet either.

    Breakfast today was a small bit of LO HM quiche (well it was egg, bacon and cheese so that seemed breakfasty) and 3 (yes THREE) oat cookies.....

    Well I had to test them, didnt I????? :D

    For lunch, I found LO tuna mayo lurking behind the yogurt in the fridge and I had defrosted the last seedy bread yesterday when I sorted the freezer yesterday, so that will be a sarnie.

    I found a piece of HM LO lasagne in the freezer so will have that for tea.

    I wrote a proper list of all the stuff in the freezer, now I MUST go and cross off what I have used.....I always forget to to that.

    Have a happy day everyone :T
  • Has anyone else here tried Ocado online?

    I used them last week for my main shop. It was very controlled as I shopped online, some bits were expensive so left those for picking up at my local shops but was quite surprised. I picked a free delivery spot, just after the kids were asleep. The guy turned up, carried the food to the kitchen, and was here 5 mins.

    On top of that I used the 02 deal in the news letter and saved £30 on a £90 shop. Very happy, will try this method again.

    Just wondered if anyone else was a convert?
  • cleggiecleggie Forumite
    2.2K posts
    Morning! Have updated my signature after Fridays food spend, grr, 31p over budget!! That'll be the snickers that jumped into my trolley all by itself!
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