'The 'everyone tell Starbucks your name is Bob' campaign' blog discussion

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    I'm sure Starbucks won't be the only company with 'issues' with US Unions.
    Can't say I blame them - they can be very ... 'problematic'
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    There's some information here: Free shopping guide to Coffee shops, from Ethical Consumer (Starbucks is at the bottom) among other issues it has a reputation for what the US National Lawyers Guild called its “relentless and illegal anti-union campaign” and “retaliatory firing” of union organisers and a record of six settlements in three years for complaints to the US National Labor Relations Board of violating workers’ rights. That's US based but shows their standards. These issues concern me more than a name on a cup of coffee.

    6 in 3 years in a country the size of the USA? And anti union policies are hardly uncommon in the USA either.
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    6 in 3 years in a country the size of the USA? And anti union policies are hardly uncommon in the USA either.

    That doesn't make them right. I'm just saying Starbucks has a history of anti union activity and that concerns me more than a name on a cup of coffee.
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    John_Gray wrote: »
    Surely the least Money Saving idea Martin has ever had?

    If someone buys a cup of spectacularly-overpriced coffee every weekday for a year then the total cost is very similar to their annual gas or electricity bill. :(
    Yes, drinking at Starbucks doesn't do much for the street-cred of a "money saving expert";)
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    that's a clever game plan :D

    Customising to the nth degree is a very american thing but even by their own standards the americans think starbucks is worth a laugh - I remember watching a comdey show on youtube in which he goes into starbucks to order a drink and they insist that his order is customised - he blinks for a minute and then says I want a venti, warm, ristretto, half-caf, soy latte and ... double sleeve, No cup :D
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    Can't being myself to go into Starbucks and spend that much in a cup of coffee. Would rather use the money to treat myself to something that last a little longer
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    tyllwyd wrote: »
    Or go with one of the Bart Simpson options - my favourite is Hugginkiss, first name Amanda

    Others from the series are:

    Al Coholic
    Oliver Clothesoff
    I.P. Freely
    Jacques Strap
    Seymour Butz
    Homer Sexual
    Mike Rotch
    Hugh Jass
    Bea O'Problem
    Ivana Tinkle
    Anita Bath
    Eura Snotball
    Ollie Tabooger
    Heywood U. Cuddleme
    Maya Normousbutt
    Drew P. Wiener
    Olav Myfriendsaregay


    I.M.A. Wiener

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    To be fair I have had middle aged women trying to wander of with my drink on occasion , they have just not heard all of what has been shouted by the barista, I just quietly say excuse me that's my soya milk one and they have always been happy to give it back.

    Oi! I'm a middle aged woman and I don't randomly wander off with other people's coffee! How very dare you. Come to think of it though... Thanks for the tip, I might try that now :rotfl:
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    To be honest I have really enjoyed the banter since they started asking customers names. Many of my local star bucks are staffed by students who are enjoying the games and getting the jokes.

    Yes I have heard 5 darth vaders, a Spartacus, pike , jr Hartley, yoda, lots of costas but also lots of one off witty responses. Ben last week was followed by his mate Jerry for example. Luke, then Hans were followed by darth (only then did we get that 1st 2 were made up ) etc etc. Guy behind counter asked if jar jar would be along later.

    If you don't want to answer just decline. They don't mind.
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    tyllwyd wrote: »
    How about 'Spartacus'?

    im Spartacus
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