MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Jordan take her kit off for cash?

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  • She should only do it if she believes she can deal with the emotional fallout i.e. the judgements of others who matter to her, and her own perception of herself as someone who would sell something so personal for money.
  • It is very tempting and would get me thinking long and hard if it were me in this situation!

    I would have to say 'no' though, primarily because of her job. She is working with the public and therefore needs to be very careful. The photo's in the magazine only need to find their way into the hands of the headteacher/other teachers/parents of the kids at her school and this could have dramatic consequences and she could end up being given the sack or her working life could be made very difficult at the very least. This would make the money she earnt for doing it a complete false economy as she could potentially lose her livelihood that she's accrued those debts by working for in the first place!!

    As for the parents, it's always good to have them on side but if she really wanted to do something and they disapproved, then she should not let that stop her as it's her life not theirs :)
    Trust me - I'm a scientist!!! :idea:

    Mortgage - too big to comprehend!

    CC debt - none! :beer:
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    Need to see how fit she was 1st..
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    Isn't it 'one fell swoop' rather than 'one foul swoop' - Freudian slip?
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    Katy, I'm ahead of you -- I already pointed this out 2 pages ago!
    Expect the worst & hope for the best...
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  • Not a clever career move for so many reasons, so no.
    1)She is a school teacher. There are bound to be repercussions in the narrow-minded world we live in
    2)The relationship with her parents
    3)It's a slippery slope, what comes next
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    As a primary school teacher, she has a moral responsibility to set a good example to the children she teaches. Just image if (God forbid) one of her pupils saw one of the photos, the result would be unimaginable.
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    Try asking the real 'Jordan' aka katie price. Take a tip from her book, many people look down their nose at her but as far asd i can see they are probably jealous. She has a very happy and forfilled life and is a role model to many.
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