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On one of the forums someone suggested all Msers should get together and meet (Renault Donnington weekend).

I know it is fraught with problems but wouldn't it be nice if we had an MSERS badge!! Maybe a star like the ones you get as you move up the posting ladder! Then we could all recognise each other!

There would have to be some rules
e.g. NO SELLING OF BADGES ON E BAY OR at car boots etc.,

Have to have done a minimum of ?? posts to stop spammers etc.

It would also be good if we paid for them and the profit after costs went to a charity of choice which could be changed every year.

Perhaps the opportunity to get a badge with more stars or lines round the star (like the heart on your sleeve badges) as you become a mad maverick money saver?

I know that it would involve a lot of work but what do other MSERS think!



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