Real life MMD: My ex paid for the hol, should I keep the refund?

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    Even if he earns 60k a year, that would still be half of his monthly payslip!!! I doubt many people wouldn't miss half their payslip in a month
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    Real life MMDs are getting worse. How is this even a dilemma?! No, don't steal from your ex. Don't show your children that stealing is ok. Don't even try to justify it by saying he was aware of your situation. Your situation isn't his problem or an excuse.
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    Wow, MSE must be short of dilemmas this week to post this one.

    As per the majority of other posts, you are basically asking "should I steal someone's hard-earned money"? Very simple and obvious answer here.

    If you wish to use your personal circumstances to justify this, you may as well use them to justify shoplifting or robbing a bank.

    How would you feel if someone stole your benefit cheque? ;)
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    Seriously? :eek:

    Need to try harder, MSE!

    (Devil's advocate moral dilemma - should I report the OP for implicitly advocating an illegal action?)

  • Absolutely not! It's his money and taking it is theft and a very poor example to set your children. Your contrasting financial situations are completely irrelevant.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who fails to see the moral dilemma here. Often I sit on the fence but this is easy. Perhaps the OP is seeking to establish whether they actually have any morals at all? Answer: no.
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  • Whether you're unemployed or super wealthy, the money is his. Keeping it would effectively be a form of legal theft. And justifying keeping it simply because he's better off than you is morally bankrupt.

    Do the right thing, pay it back and live without guilt.
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    As others have said how is this a dilemma? The money was never yours and you should send it back with an explanation
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    To be fair, whilst morally it is theft, I dont think it is theft in the legal sense as they settle to the lead passenger- I suspect in the T&Cs of the holiday booking it explained who they would return the money to in the instance of cancellation...and ultimately he chose to sign to this agreement (whether or not he read it is his own fault really).

    I would also say there's more to this dilemma than first appears. For instance, if he had bought her a piece of jewelery for the equivalent worth, would everyone claim it was also stealing for her to keep it, or even sell it? This appears worse because the holiday didnt occur- but you could argue it is similar to giving someone something of worth in the relationship and them cashing in on it afterwards.

    Personally, I would still give the money back, because I dont like the idea of feeling like I owe favours to people, especially exes. However, there is also a part of me that says it is kind of stupid of him to be buying expensive holidays 3 weeks in, and signing off the value of the holiday to this 3 week partner because he clearly didnt appreciate the T&Cs. You have to think about the sort of person that does that-I'd say he was one of or all of foolish, money-wasting, showy/buying relations, reckless...
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    I would cash the cheque and tell him if he wants the money he will have to contact you for it and put it in an easy access account with a good rate of interest and you can keep the interest for however long its in there.
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    As with virtually everyone else, it is not your money to keep

    If you do cash it I hope that he takes all the legal steps open to him and you lose an amount of benefit paying the money back which you STOLE.
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