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  • Sainsbugs today had loads of YS meat, most down to 50% by 3pm already. We got legs of lamb between £5 and £6, shoulders of lamb £7 but there were also chcickens, ducks, duck crowns, lamb chops, chicken breast and loads of other stuff. I also got pink fir potatoes 49p, shropshire blue cheese £3 a kilo and grapes 50p.
    Very happy bunny:T
    I think I will pop back around the same time tomorrow as I think they are still shifting easter stock.
    I was off to conquer the world but I got distracted by something sparkly :D

  • pinky2681pinky2681 Forumite
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    Can i join? Tuesday i got lots of thinks from tesco bakery:

    mini pastry selection 13p
    pain au chocolat 10p
    extra special croissants 20p

    weds i got

    warburtons orange fruit loaf 30p
    carrots - massive bag 29p
    orange net -30p
    banana soreen 24p

    today i got - extra lean steak mince £2.59 - should of been £4 and it still has a day left so not the greatest bargins.

    I've also been stocking up on tesco value stuff thats on offer,

    lasenga sheets are half price 19p and spaghetti is b.o.g.o.f at 35p. noodles are only 11p too.
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    I work for the big A and its amazing how over the last 6 months or so how much busier the whoopsie section is getting, we used to just have our wee regulars affectionatley known as the "whoopsie brigade" now we have alsorts of people on all walks of life as things are getting much tougher for every1.

    Maybie its a sign of the times but you can feel the pressure when your over marking things down as people jostle to get the best stuff, two sundays ago i literally got knocked into the fridge while two women fought over a beef joint. it had been £8 reduced to 50p so maybe if i wasnt working i would have wrestled for it too lol:rotfl:

    i enjoy when people are genuinely pleased to get a bargain and one wee customer makes her own yogurt and curries with all the whoopies yougurt, fruit, meat and occassionally brings me in bits and bobs to eat on my break. v old skool of me - free lunch x
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  • There was loads of meat half price or less in Sainsbugs again at about 4pm. If freezer tetris were only an Olympic sport. I've had to take croissants out for OH lunch tomorrow and remove everything from the packaging to get it all in but I have.:T
    All just below half price:
    2 X TTD Rack of lamb
    3 X pork ribs
    1 x pork belly roasting joint
    1 x chicken
    and 60p for 4 pints of organic milk.

    Has anyone seen Gailey lately - I don't think she's been on in ages and I do enjoy her posts.
    I was off to conquer the world but I got distracted by something sparkly :D

  • Did quite well on the YS hunt this week. A's produced some good bits of veggies & fish, couple of meat items & some ready meals. (like to have a few of those in the freezer for when I don't feel very well/can't be bothered with cooking) and the visited Mr T and picked up some bread, more fish, Innocent veg pots (won't buy these normally as they are ridiculously expensive at full price) and some cooked meat. Happy bunny as freezer is full again:rotfl::rotfl:
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    what time do people find it's best going to get the deals and do you find particular shops better than others for the amount of products YS and the amount they are reduced by?
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  • lavinia21 wrote: »
    what time do people find it's best going to get the deals and do you find particular shops better than others for the amount of products YS and the amount they are reduced by?

    Seems to be different for everybody depending on where you live & what stores you have in your area. As a general rule of thumb later in the day seems to be most widely posted about - trial and error in your area is the approach, most of us find.
  • very funny YS tonight.

    only went back for mushrooms which I had to pay full price for but had a mooch and without listing it all I had two bags of shopping that came to £7.97 on the self-scan before I hit finish and pay.

    fiddle I thinks as I have four £2 coupons that I knew the lad would be happy for me to use. So I grabbed a 30p item to bump the total up and set to pay. Hit finish and pay and the total flew down to £6.77. hmm I thought, strange but anyway I paid 77p in cash and £6 in coupons and ended up with a cistern block I didn't need but will use eventually.

    Checked the receipt and it turns out that the multibuy kicked in for the reduced tapas I had bought and knocked £1.50 off my bill so that was a bonus!

    Made me laugh.
    3 kids(DS1 6 Nov, DS2 8 Feb, DS3 24 Dec) a hubby and two cats - I love to save every penny I can!
  • OH went to Tesco's the other night and got some good deals:

    Warburton toastie loves x 4 = 10p each
    Tesco laundry liquid capsules (10) for 50p (rebranding)
    Cheddar 400g reduced to 99p
    Butter 250g reduced to 60p, bought 10 and froze
    Organic 1 pint milk reduced to 15p, bought 12 to freeze

    Did the shop at Ocado this week and total amount of groceries came in at just over £100, but after utilising the offers and using a £20 off £75 spend, total was £59 including delivery. Managed to buy loads of meat/poultry and tinned branded items we like and bought more stamps before they go up.

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    requires brains!
  • Took MIL to local sainsbugs at 2.30 today. She got quite a few bits of meat and chicken.
    2 x packs chicken thighs and drumsticks at £1
    chicken wings at £1
    sirloin steak just over 50% off so £2 odd
    and then we just about cleared the fish counter :D Nice young lad was on and he knocked an extra £ or so a kilo off everything we wanted.
    Cod and haddock at £4.50 a kilo
    a big lemon sole for £1.28 and four plaice fillets about the same.
    We got a huge piece of loch trout, nearly a kilo for just over £4.
    Not much anywhere else though, they hadn't done the final markdowns on the f & v by then but there weren't many things with ys's at all so they probably were leaving that section for last.
    I was off to conquer the world but I got distracted by something sparkly :D

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