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my son has been with edf for gas and electricity for 4 years plus paying monthly but a year ago he stoped and asked for quartly bills which they agreed they have read both meters 5 times but never sent a bill he is afraid to phone them in case he has to pay them the whole amount in one bill does anybody know his rights


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    he is afraid to phone them in case he has to pay them the whole amount in one bill does anybody know his rights

    Welcome to the forum.

    Well his "rights" will not be known until the reason for the missing bills is established, but almost certainly "being afraid to phone" is not an explanation which confers any rights.

    Is is essential to make contact with Edf. Once they respond with an explanation and/or a bill post again for more meaningful advice.
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    The first step before considering his rights is to find out why it has happened.
    Switching from monthly to quarterly shouldn't stop the bills which suggests another underlying issue.

    There is the billing code and ofgems policy but suggest posting the problem so it can be fixed first and then the codes can be considered.
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    I am with EDF and recently found out I am in credit by £181 so asked for a refund or recalculation of the DD. EDF came back with 16p per month for gas & £19 for electric plus £1 for my debt!! which was £8.30 a year ago. Will they up the DD to more than I was paying before,I was paying £63 a month dual fuel, in time for the winter bills. my recalculated amount is £631/ 12 = £52.58. Don't know whether to offer that now or later?
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    Hi outtawork - I'm afraid that leaving the decision to EDF on how much your D/Debits should be, isn't the way to go.

    No 1 - EDF's accounting system is a real mess after a software upgrade
    No 2 - They are a Utility company ! !

    Take control by adding up how many Gas & Elec Kwh you have used in the last 12 months. Do not accept any annual figures that EDF put on a bill . Apply your own figures to your EDF tariff to see what your annual cost actually is - Divide by 12 for your D/D payments and don't take 'NO' for an answer when you tell EDF that's what you are prepared to pay

    So far as your Credit is concerned, any figure is a bit suspect until the day you get a bill that has been issued on ACTUAL readings, but at this time of year a claim for the return of a justified credit should not be refused
  • i agree about the billing from edf, I didnt have a bill for several months so submitted a reading, and got a bill. a month later i have another bill based on estimated readings which are high and a demand for settlement of the bill and a hike in my direct debit to 117 from 72 which is 10 more than their estimations anyway!

    I have emailed them, as i cant get through on the phone, will give them till monday to resend bill and contact again.

    They really are a shambles, I thought scottish power were bad but they look postively efficient compared to them. I would switch back but i havent got over the trauma of switching to EDF yet!!
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    They really are a shambles,

    You are right, however unlike forum reports about E.ON, Edf advisers are generally amenable to sensible suggestions. My recent phone experience is that on weekday mornings an adviser becomes available after a couple of minutes.

    Next, an "estimated" bill is not a problem, without making an issue of it, simply provide a customer read and ask for the bill to be reissued.

    I'm puzzled at the demand for bill settlement and a direct debit hike. Are you on a fixed monthly direct debit (budget) scheme? If so do you know the date of your 'annual review'? What was your account balance after the customer read a month ago? What is the account balance after the estmated bill? Do you know your estimated annual consumption?

    Depending on the answers you may be able to make a "sensible" suggestion about the payment amount.
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    I've had multiple bills from them over the last year. They can't do the simplest tasks without messing it up. They cancel the previous bills and just carry forward the balance, but you need to look at the cancelled bills in order to work out how they arrived at the carry forward balance.
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