filtered faceplate installers and cost?

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    vyle wrote: »
    According to my OH who had a play about with our faceplate once when I was at work (we only have one wired faceplate) we already have an I-plate.

    I did speak to an engineer just to get a quote and he told me two things:

    1: ADSL filter faceplates are no better than plug in ADSL filters.
    Quite right,but it does away with the need for micro filters at every socket in your property.Buy and fit 1 filtered faceplate or buy and fit micro filters at every socket you have.

    2: Because my flat's a new build, the problem is that the main phone switchbox thing that leads to the outside world isn't configured properly for broadband and that lots of people in my area have had the same problem.
    What a load of old tosh! You will have a master socket like everyone else,this will be wired to a DP (distribution point,which is just a connection box between your internal cable and the external network) There is nothing to configure.

    He quoted £200 to sort it out.

    This sounds somewhat steep and while plausible, a bit odd.... I don't suppose any of you chaps are engineers who could shed light on if this is a reasonable diagnosis/quote?

    He quoted £200 to sort it out.
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    plumface wrote: »
    He quoted £200 to sort it out.

    Indeed, I did wonder. He said it would take an hour and a half (at £75 for the first half hour, and £65 for the following half hour) plus £20 for parts.... I take it he was trying to have me on.

    Do you know at all (or have you encountered a reason why) my broadband would randomly cut out when receving a phone call, despite trying different filters, different cables and having BT do a line test which highligted no problems?

    Sometimes i'll even lose connection when no phone is connected and I'm just browsing a moderate amount. It's bizarre.
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    £140 an hour for wiring a phone socket?-I'm in the wrong business.
    That would indicate a filter issue if it cuts at the time of an incoming call.
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    Guess I shall go back to my plan a, which was to buy a different microfilter. I guess the ones that came with my various routers are all faulty :(.
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