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Hi, can anyone suggest a nice hotel near (very) merchant hall, I think it is called


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    you may wish to givr an idea on price
    Merchents hall is right in the centre of town
    Is there a reason you need to be very near?
    Edinburgh is a small city
  • I'd be inclined to use one of the cheaper sites like or to see what deals are going on in the city centre at the moment. My guess is plenty, because of the recession.

    How many stars do you need? Or would a Travel Lodge be ok?
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    Thanks for your replies. My hubby and I are going to a wedding there. He is not well, so I had this idea that if it was say minutes away we maybe able to walk it, As it would be a treat I think a 4* star hotel.
    There would have to be a lift in the hotel.
    If nothing suitable, then we would look further afield
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    Given the location of Merchants Hall and the level of roads disruption in central Edinburgh just now, walking may be your only practical choice!

    As for accomodation, there are many upmarket hotels in the vicinity. I'd suggest you choose the Edinburgh Waverley option on and concentrate on the hotels that are marked "New Town" - which is a fairly compact area and very walkable. One thing - Wherever you do book, get a firm confirmation of your booking and that it will not be subject to change. IME, central Edinburgh hotels are the worst I've found anywhere for taking your booking at one rate, then discovering a "problem" shortly before you are due and offering either another room in the same place for a vastly inflated price or "alternative" accomodation in some vermin-infested hole or a guesthouse out in the sticks. Personally I've got so sick of this that I now only use Travelodges or similar chain hotels now - They may have their faults and limitations but I have yet to be mucked about on a booking by one.

    You are also not that far from Waverly Station, so the possibility of staying elsewhere (eg Glasgow!) and training it each way should not be ruled out - It will increase your choice and versatility considerably. :)
  • With the drop in hotel bookings I'd be inclined to look at The Balmoral and the Caledonian Hotels. The best there is to be had in town. There might well be deals on at the moment. The Balmoral is right above the Waverley Railway Station.
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    Your in luck, Merchants Hall is just about dead centre of Edinburgh (which is a very compact capital) and as its a special occasion, I'd dial your dates into the sites suggested (and Trivago) and look at the best around. Don't forget The Scotsman (was the newspaper building) or The George etc.. Remember too that either end of Princes Street, from Coates Gardens area in the west to Calton Hill at the other end there are a million and one decent B&Bs too.
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    colino wrote: »
    Don't forget The Scotsman (was the newspaper building)

    It might be better to leave the Scotsman out if the OP's husband isn't very well?

    Being on the Old Town end of North Bridge, its a wee bit more of a push uphill on the way back?
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