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Charity fundraising article discussion

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Charity fundraising article discussion

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This thread is specifically to discuss the content of the

Charity Fundraising article.

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  • I've just used for fundraising and with hindsight, I probably wouldn't have chosen them.

    The MSE guide is great, but it only focusses on how much of the donation goes to charity. In reality, sites that enable you to spread the word easily are more valuable because they enable you to raise MORE by keeping your fundraising visible.

    Example: Just has a Facebook plugin so people can always see that you are raising and how much. Bmycharity does not have this so all your fundraising must be active rather than passive. Consequently, the overall amount raised was probably less through bmycharity than it would have been through Just Giving or another site.

    Also, I found a large number of my donators had trouble giving through Bmycharity, forcing me to issue bank details so people could do transfers etc. I'd say 40% of my funds had to come in this way.

    I do think that there is more to choosing than just "who gives the most" - that was the benchmark I used and now regret it.
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    krishnakrishna Forumite
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    What was the reason people couldn't give through

    Also, the article doesn't mention that for non-Gift Aided donations, Charity Giving charges nothing, whereas the others still have transaction fees.
  • I donated through

    They're up-front with their charges, and I paid £0.28 charge (2.75%), with a £10 donation + gift-aid (£12.82) going to the charity.

    Any reason these are not on the review list?
  • Everyone should check out BT who are running the ONLY completelt FREE fundraising site:

    my donate- bt

    It's an outrage that companies profit from people giving to charity and it also puts people off from donating as they assume (rightly at times) that not 100% goes to the charity itself...and if you're giving your money away you want to be sure it actually gets to the people/animals/forest etc you're backing!

    Check it out folks and make sure the fundraising you do, actually goes to the charity, not the companies creaming off your good will!

  • lincroft1710lincroft1710 Forumite
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    Everyone should check out BT who are running the ONLY completelt FREE fundraising site:

    With the amount of money they charge their customers it's no surprise it's free.
  • I am doing a couple of Triathlons this year and family members really want to sponsor me.

    I am finding it difficult to select 1 chairty to sponsor so I would like to setup a fundraising page where the money goes to multiple charities in proportions I select.

    Does anyone know if this exists?
  • If you see VirginMoneyGiving "forjane" you will see that we support two charities in equal proportions. This is why we chose VMG as our donation site. You can support any number of charities and allocate funds in proportions you choose. Brilliant feature and easy to do.

    Also VMG is very well connected in social networking terms, ie twitter and blogs.
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    Its a very nice thought that all or most of your donation will go to a particular charity, but what I'd like to know is where can one find out what proportion of their donations are used in board wages or directors fees etc, and whats left that actually benefits those in need?
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    Download their annual report / accounts from the Charity Commission website, or from the charity's own website.
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  • I didn't see the platform Everyday Hero on this report. Is anyone able to give feedback on them?
    My Charity has been recommended it by a small hospice who say it's free to register, no monthly or annual fees and cheaper service fees than Just Giving. The important bit I can see from the Hospice website is they are able to brand each each event to the charities preference which is what really got my attention! But it does seem a a bit to good to be true. We are really keen for fundraising pages to reflect our cause and not consumer brands like Virgin or the little exposure we get on Just Giving pages.

    Your thoughts or any user experience would be greatly appreciated, apparently they are fairly new to the UK but are the equivalent of Just Giving in Australia.
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