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March 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 27 February 2012 at 10:58AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    Winchelsea thanks for sharing. I like seeing OS menus. Shall be starting with porridge tomoz
    I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday
  • Sue14Sue14 Forumite
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    Spent £4.39 in Mr T's today, and apart from a pack of value choc digestives I only got what I went in there for, yay me, lol! I had a look at the bread on the reduced rack, but they were all over a £1 so didn't bother as I wouldn't pay that for full price bread, and I don't pay any more than 50p if it's on the reduced section.
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  • 123budget123budget Forumite
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    Have been so busy at work and in the evenings have not managed to get to read forum at all. But am making sure I update signature with any spends. So even if I'm not posting or reading much it is still making me be aware of how much I am spending.
    Hope everyone is well. X
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  • Stuck to the NSD plans today. Swimming tomorrow with children, we managed to dodge clear of McDs and KFC last time so here's hoping!

    HM Paella is on the menu tomorrow, not sure the children have ever had seafood before so I have some standby tinned macaroni cheese set aside.
    :D Thanks to MSE, I am mortgage free!:D
  • tigerfeet2006tigerfeet2006 Forumite
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    :T Well done Winchelsea :j

    Tonights dinner was a 'I need to use some stuff up' dinner sooo...

    Starter was HM carrot and coriander soup as I had carrots that were going a bit bendy.

    For the main meal I peeled and chopped up a load of potatoes that were starting to go a bit soft and wrinkly. Bunged them in a pan and boiled them until they were just cooked. Thinly sliced two large leeks that were starting to go over and cooked them in some water. Hard boiled 6 eggs that were two weeks past their BBD. Made up a cheese sauce.

    Then I put the potatoes in a big oval pyrex dish, put the leeks over them, ground some pepper over the top. Then I cut the eggs in half and laid them over the top. Poured the cheese sauce on top so it covered the lot. Grated more cheese on top and sprinkled a bit of paprika over that. Bunged it in the oven at 200degC for about 20 mins so the top was browned and bubbling.

    Served it with toasted ciabatta, buttered and with goats cheese on top and then popped back under the grill for a little while.

    (For GF in the sauce I used Doves GF Plain Flour. The ciabatta is Frre From. For DF I would use Lactofree milk and cheese, though this is not cassein free only lactose free. Just don't serve the goats cheese.)

    Before using any of these GF or DF recipes please check labels as manufacturers often make changes to ingredients.

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  • £3.00 on junk food to cheer me up because i have a sore throat :(
    could have been worse...
    January grocery challenge £159.43/£250.00
    February grocery challenge £209.53/£200.00
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  • ModestyBModestyB Forumite
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    Hi all, nipped into Mr S today for coffee, ibuprofen and dog chews and walked out with ... just those three things! Still cost me £6.87 though, very unhappy with the coffee, it's gone up 54p since the last time I bought it. :mad:
    Went over to Ald! next and spent £25.91, mainly on milk of which I get a dozen at a time. Unfortunately I forgot the cereal that goes with all that milk. :rotfl:. Treated DH to some cans of beer for the weekend and got myself a bottle of schnapps :o. We'd tried a bottle of this at xmas and it was lovely and it lasts a long time the amount I drink. At £4.99 a bottle I couldn't resist. Also got some soft scoop ice cream, it's gorgeous and only 80 cals per 100g.
    Had bread, veg, ham, marge and a few other things with that lot.

    One of the loaves of bread I made in the BM turned out really weird yesterday so DH sliced it, put it in a dish, covered it with the remains of a jar of lime marmalade, 2 tsps of golden syrup and a tin of custard and we baked it in the oven today. It turned out quite nice, we had it for tea tonight. Saved throwing it in the bin anyway. :T
    Welcome to all our newbies.
    Hugs to all who need them.
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  • Hey all

    £9.03 to report 1.98 spent yesterday in 99p shop onair freshner , went into s as i needed drain cleaner my bath is still blocked, got 2 more bags of the kettle crisps yellow sticker oxtail, only a 3rd off, really narked off as the drain cleaner didnt work.
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    Hi chums well I did the seven day fiscal save and today is the first day this month where I will go to buy some shopping I have a list (very small ) of things needed to be bought so fingers crossed I will get away with around a tenner for my 'needs' not wants.I was talking to a friend of mine about the "five pound loaf" and we agreed that if you pop out for a loaf to a supermarket you will inevitably spend a fiver on other bits and pieces.So we have vowed to only take enough to the shop to cover what is needed.Today I estimate ten pounds so that's all I'm taking to buy my bits and pieces. If I can get it with change I will be very pleased By not going near a shop for over a week I daresay I shall be moaning about the cost of things as I'm sure stuff has gone up in price in a week(usually does)I will report back later on my finds.Definitely spending far less and using up far more from my cupboards at the moment that's for sure
  • Hey Frugaltastic Folks!

    I've been awol for ages and boy does this thread move fast! It's taken me 2 evenings to catch up on it all:eek:

    Big hugs to all who need them - my heart goes out to those going through loss and I'm always in awe of the strength of people during tough times:grouphug:

    Tigerfeet - your post made me laugh - I knew you were referring to the canvas bag song without looking - love that song!!:rotfl:

    Been away due to to most awful flu I've had. I'm nearly 32 but I felt like I was 80 all last week - muscles like lead, constant coughing and headache and so exhausted I kept dozing off halfway through the day:(

    As a result, the GC has been a bit of a disater:mad: Was feeling so awful when the flu started and just knew it was going to hit me hard, I decided to make a list and do a 'big shop' to get me through so I didn't have to go out. Result = £114 in Horrorsons:eek: As well as about £20 each in Aldee and A$da!:eek::eek: What did I buy?!!
    Even more annoying is that I was so ill that I couldn't cook and we ended up eating takeaway twice this week too:mad:

    My fridge is stuffed and my freezer so full that I couldn't fit the chicken I bought into it and had to cook it so that it wouldn't waste!
    Meal plan is completely out of the window and once I struggle back from work today I will sit down and calculate the damage caused to the budget and what on earth we should eat for the rest of the month, though I'm sure I'm already waaaaay over budget:(

    I think the main issue was panic buying as I was getting ill - can't believe the amount I spent at Horrorsons! I did get the 15p off fuel deal, but that just means I've also spent £40 more on petrol this month to fill the car up, even thought we're not driving anywhere for ages.

    Does anyone have any tips for coping when you're under the weather, or is it just a case of stay away from the shops when your head is full of flu?!

    Hope everyone has a good day!
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