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I received a txt today from cabot financial and then came home and found a letter stating that they recently obtained confirmation that i lived at this address and my account is overdue and they need to talk to me as soon as possible.

I was no angel when i was younger and ran up a few debts, i had sheriffs officers at my parents door about 5 years ago and i paid off that debt.

Apart from that i have had no contact from any companies for probably about 6 years.

I recently setup and account with check my file and it says there is a court judgement set up in oct 2008 for £571.

I have no idea what this is for and havent tried to get any credit of any kind for at least 7 years now.

What do i do? do i phone cabot or ignore it and see what happens?

Thanks in advance if you can advise me.



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    I never recommend phoning debt collectors.

    It's write or ignore.

    If we're going to write, we need to establish that you're in Scotland? Laws are very different from England/Wales.

    You're sort of assuming that Cabot have the Court judgement? You won't know until you check. You can phone the court. That's safe, and the phone number should be on your credit report.

    Incidentally, it's probably getting the credit report that has tied all your addresses together and allowed Cabot to chase you, so they may not be the last.

    If Cabot do not have the court judgement, then they might be out of time and the debt extinguished. You'll need to read

    Factsheet | Liability for debts & the Prescription & Limitation (Scotland) Act 1973

    and this

    Statute barred debts and the Limitation Acts
  • Thanks for replying,

    Yes Live in Scotland and have had no contact with any debt company's for over 5 years. I started in
    My new job 4 and half years ago and it was ages before that.

    I can't understand why there would be a debt from oct 08 as I haven't spoken to anyone or had any correspondence at all

    Thanks again
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    Well the ccj needs to be looked at. If it's showing as registered against your current address then a claim form should have been sent to you in summer 08. It sounds like one of the creditors wanted to get a judgement against you before the debt got statute barred.

    However, if they've not contacted you for three and a half years then it might not be worth stirring things. You can always react if they try anything.
  • Good advice, the best way to deal with rubbish like Cabot is usually to ignore. They always SAY they know where you live even if they don't really, and are waiting for you to confirm by responding. Why help them? Most of the time if you ignore they go away.
  • Thanks for the advice.

    I will ignore and see how it go's.


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