Tesco Credit Card not giving me £1000!!! How to do Stoozing like this?!!

I got the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card and got the £1000 limit. I spent nearly £900 on the first month. I paid the minimum repayment of £25 for last month. But I haven't been able to to use the card as they say I need to pay the whole £900 to get the full £1000 limit for this month.

Now, how am I going to do the credit card stoozing like this? I thought if I spend the £1000 every month (that I would spend anyway!), I could simply make the minimum payment and have £1000 to spend the next month?? Isn't that how credit cards work?

Could anyone kindly help me on this please? Thank you.


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    No, it is not. You have a total limit, it does not renew every month!

    Can I suggest that you stop using credit cards until you understand what you are doing?
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    The £1000 is your credit limit i.e. the maximum you can spend on your card. So if you've spent £900 then you can only spend another £100 on it until you clear all or part of the balance. You don't get additional limits each month.

    You can ask them to increase the credit limit but they don't have to do it.

    I take it you are new to using credit cards so I would forget about stoozing for the moment as it's quite an advanced technique. Instead how about using a cash back card instead where you get cash back on your everyday spending - though for this you need to pay off the full balance every month
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