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  • I have just heard back from Black horse and they have upheld 2 of my claims. This is what is written but not sure what will get paid off my loan and what I will receive.
    Refunds of premiums paid including interest £5,230.14
    Excess Balance and interest £2,833.74
    Less previously accepted claim -£0.00
    Less arrears on loan agreement -£17,912.27
    Sub total £0.00
    statutory interest at 8% calculated up until 08 March 2012 £1,777.82
    less tax at 20% from 8% statutory interest -£355.56
    Total £1,422.26

    This is for one loan rolling into another. They took me to court so I know I am
    In arrears but not for over£17,000.00 so I am confused. I am unsure what I will get, I know I will receive the statutory but does anyone else understand?
  • hello am new to this ... basically my boyfriend is self employed & took out a credit card with ppi several years ago, he would now like to claim this ppi back, the credit card is with rbs with whom he has personal & business bank accounts, after going through the terms & conditions it would appear that he would not be able to claim if his business were to temporarily stop trading.
    is this enough to claim on & how much info do you have to give on when you took it out/what info you were given why you decided to take it out etc..?
    thanks mary
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    sassyone19 wrote: »
    hi there i sent a letter claiming back ppi to cap one 6 weeks ago i had a letter a week later saying that they are going to look into my account which is paid off and closed they say they will contact me within 7 weeks with a response that was 5 weeks ago are they just delaying or are they actually looking into my account i wonderxhas anyone else had a similar experience with cap one as im unsure wether or not the fact that their taking their time with my clainm is a good or bad sign?gratefull for any replies thanks:beer:

    No News is good news:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
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    Bulky wrote: »
    Is front loaded ppi a good enough reason to complain ?

    Hi Bulky it's the best reason
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    Hi All
    Posted first a couple of days ago, with regards to some Halifax loans, have started the ball rolling on these, made a call and the claim is in, wont hold my breath but hey ho. Have been going through some other bits and bobs and decided to have a look at reducing ppi on our joint Tesco loan. Found that we could get it much cheaper and so contacted Tesco re details of months left what would that leave as balance etc. Upshot is they were ringing me back as a gliche in system. In the meantime I have been reading through their ppi policy summary and document and found the cancellation section. It states that the insurer uses the Rule of 78 to calculate any refund. On looking up this rule on this website it states that was abolished for new loans in 2005, thing is we took the loan out in 2007, this sound to me like a mis-sell or am I missing something.
    Any ideas?
    This could just be an old booklet from before 2005 that has not been updated,they may have sent you this info seperately regarding the rule of 78.
    Ring them and ask how they calculate settlements.
    This would not be a reason for mis sell though.
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    ive taken your advise amersall
    i have managed to find my old job perks i had from an old director from the company were i worked .
    we had sick pay scheme
    private medical care
    pension with life cover 3 x salary underwritten by legal and general .
    along with by other reasons should this be good enough reason for mis sell, im not sure if i should ring them back up with further info or just wait to see what they say from my first phone call .

    Sorry i missed this :o have pmd you :D
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    Is it worth claiming PPI for a Capital One Credit Card? They seem to reject people from what I've seen, and as it was a while ago I can't remember the details.

    All I know is that it wasn't a suitable product for me, I was working part time supported by my husband (combination of depression problems and having to be around for our three dogs) so any loss of wages would have been picked up by him. I wouldn't have requested it (why would I opt to pay more for something I wouldn't need?) but I think I applied online.

    I don't know if the box was pre ticked (no way of finding that out, is there?) or if I signed up when I activated the card, or what really. I can't imagine volunteering for it, but yet I also can't prove that I wouldn't have and didn't!
    If you have the card number and reasons for mis sell,part time may help,if you had to have worked 16 hours or more to make a claim for unemployment.
    Look here for reasons for mis sell
    If any/all apply to you then put a claim in,see what response you get back,and we will take it from there.
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    laineybobs wrote: »
    Im wondering if anyone can help me. Im looking into claiming back ppi for my hubby and just wondered if anyone could give me some idea if i have a claim.

    He took out a loan in branch (lloyds tsb) in 2008 for a new car purchase at which time he was told he should take out ppi as it would help with the application. The loan was for £7500. He did this even though he already had insurance through an independant company which would cover him in terms of sicknes or job loss - and he works for the family business so they too would have given him money if he got sick.

    Anyway he paid the loan off in full, but my claim is that he never needed the ppi but was given it anyway and told he should take it? Does that sound fair? Surely as it was a face to face meeting she should have checked that thoroughly?

    My problem is i cant find the paperwork to show the ppi policy but i do have the loan account number so i have sent off the questionaire with that information on it. What are my chances of getting something do you think?
    If this was mis sold,you stand as good a chance as anyone!.

    Also he has credit cards that he took out in 2008 - one in person and the others on line with different companies - virgin, egg, and lloyds themselves? Do you think its worth chasing them up?
    If you have the account numbers and reasons for mis sell,then yes

    And lastly - sorry for all the questions- i want to try and claim his bank charges back. he wrote a letter to lloyds back in 2007 (which we have a copy of) in which he said that there charges were unfair as he was only ever over his limit by a pound or two or unable to pay dd's due to a pound or two but was charged £330 in the space of 12 months in charges. This has gone on for a number of years (2006-2010/11ish) - do you think its worthwhile writing to them to get them to refund??
    What response did he get from Lloyds in 07?.
    Thanks for any help in advance!
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    jennysun1 wrote: »
    Hi all

    Wonder if you could help? I had a barclaycard about 10 years ago. I paid it off about 5 years ago and closed the account. I want to check if I was misold PPI.

    I also had store cards with Topshop and New Look about 4-5 years- again I paid off the debts and closed the accounts. How do i check if I was misold PP?

    I have no information about my account but have since acquired a new Barclaycard last year.

    Do I contact Barclaycard first for a copy of my old card policy details and account details or does this need to be done seperately?
    And which address do I send the request too?

    Thanks in advance for any advice
    You will need to SAR these.http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=1475553
    As the accounts are closed,it will cost £10 for each card provider,they have 40 days to respond.
    Give Barclays a call and ask if they can give you this info,they may charge £10 though,have you no statements for this card? the copy agreement may not show the ppi as it could have been put on when the card was activated.
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    viki61 wrote: »

    Complete newbie to all of this so I apologise now. A friend after claiming successfully has got me wondering if I should give it a go or not.

    Between my husband and I we have numerous credit cards, loans and catlogues which were all taken out within the last 10 years. I mean these are loans etc that have been running for the last 10 years. As far as I can remember we have PPI on most of these. They are still running and being paid off slowly through out debt management plan,

    I can't find my original documents but could probably get hold of the policy/account numbers etc.

    Around 7 yrs ago our debts got out of hand and we opted for a debt management plan (who we are also paying PPI to right now!) of which we make regular weekly payments to.

    What I want to know is should we claim? Do we really stand a chance?
    Should we go through a no win no fee company? (getting to the bottom of all this is going to be very messy and hardwork, I am tempted to get someone to do the hardwork for me)

    If we were successful would the winning money go the company who we have the debt management plan with? Would the lenders take the winnning amount and take this off the balance of what we currently owe?

    Sorry for all the questions, having looked in to this it seems very daunting and I don't have a clue where to begin!

    Any help/advice is very much appreicated.

    Thank you, Viki
    A claims company will not take this on,as the refund will go to the DMP,you will then end up with a bill for the claims co.
    All you need are reasons for mis sell and the account numbers to put a claim in,it is that easy,most do these over the phone,but have reasons for mis sell ready

    Just to let you know,if you win redress,you get the 8% back to you,any redress will go to the plan,but the balances should reduce on the loans by the ppi amount and the redress will reduce the DMP and you will be free of it sooner!.
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