Suprisingly bad John Lewis Customer Service

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    Was the £239 you paid for the TV and warranty combined, or just for the TV? Take a look through the T&Cs of the warranty and see if there's anything in that about what should happen if they can't (won't) repair it.
  • I hate to say this, but I don't think JL have fulfilled the terms of their warranty. From their website:
    If we decide your product cannot be repaired, or is uneconomical to repair, we will replace it with the same model. If it is no longer available, we will provide an alternative of similar specification and quality.
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    Oxjak - JL TVs come with a 5 yr warranty and free p&p as standard so I guess it's combined.

    dmg - I quoted that to them and he said that they CANNOT repair it and they CANNOT replace the same model as they don't do it anymore and they CANNOT provide an alternative product as they don't sell ANY CRT TVs at all anymore.

    I told him that wasn't my fault, he went to his senior CRM but came back with same offer. Said it was my statutory rights.

    I didn't want to fight anymore.

    Been shopping.

    Spent too much on a new telly.

    XBOX 360 looks AMAZING

    Happy Bunny.

    Thanks for reading all my vents :)
  • JL really aren't doing themselves any favours are they?!

    Glad you've got it sorted (of sorts!), always something nice about a new TV!
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    Well, well, well...

    Either someone has made a mistake or someone higher up in JL has had a look at my account and decided I was treated badly!!

    Instead of £200 refund I received £239 and instead of £20 in vouchers I received £40.

    Won't be complaining :D
  • Nice result, eventually. My requests for a warranty repair on my CRT from JL got lost somewhere in the Reading branch for several months until I mentioned the magic words (Trading Standards and Small Claims Court), which prompted a phonecall and resolution within half an hour of firing off the email. Even so, without their generous warranty I'd have been out of pocket on a repair so can't really complain.
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