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Had a telephone call from the 'British Lifestyle Survey' today. They knew my name, and my address too. Called to ask if I could participate in a survey. Am normally happy to answer questions, I know it's a sales call and I just try and get out of it as quickly as possible with my answers. He said that their "sponsors" may get in contact with regards to the results of the survey... I wait to find out what he's selling so I can say I don't want it.

He asked me whether I had Sky TV, and then if I read Heat magazine. A bit confused I ask him who their sponsors are - "our sponsors ma'am". Grrg, I then ask how he got hold of my contact number and he hung up.

No idea where he's phoning from, obviously Google shows no websites under "British Lifestyle Survey" - in fact, only people who have had a nuisance call from them.

Don't bother wasting your time with listening to them, poor English, rude responses and ultimately they hung up on me - which is the worst of all. They're only doing their job so I'm nice to them, why do they have to be so RUDE!
I love surprises!


  • Hi Maggie,

    We had a call simular to yours. I was polite and wrote down their name "Peter Johnson" from "British Lifestyle Survey", then asked for their address...? They hung up.

    I should have just played along and then I may have got some more information about them.

    Hopefully one day someone will get some more info and then post it on here so we can get to the bottom of how they get our numbers. I for one am listed on TPS so happy to report them if I had more information.
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    Why ressurect a a two and half year old thread??
    "You were only supposed to blow the bl**dy doors off!!"
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    Why ressurect a a two and half year old thread??

    Why not?

    It's useful to know how much history some of these companies have.

    And whom is it hurting, anyway? rolleyes.gif
  • You will find that if you google British Lifestyle Survey there are a number of forums with newer posts with simular complaints. I just happen to believe that the MSE forum deserves my input, rather than the rest. Happy saving.
  • I had 2 calls from British Lifestyle Survey yesterday. I wonder whether they got my name from ebay? I am selling something. Someone placed a bid on my item, requested my contact details, then withdrew their bid saying they couldn't contact me. All within the space on 1 minute. I raised it with ebay who said they'd deal with it. They didn't. A week later it happened again.
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    we had one on tuesday but to be fair i cut him off pretty quickly, very poor grasp of english and rude.
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    I give them completely made-up details as it wastes their time.
  • I just had one of these calls too. Clearly knew nothing about me and asked for "The Man of the House" and said "Don't worry I am not selling anything". Which I though was a bit weird.

    I said that I wasn't interested and they instantly hung up. Don't even give them fake info as it encourages them. Never give out info unless you are 100% sure you trust the person on the end of the line and they know something about you first.
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    I don't know if they are starting some new 'campaign' but it is interesting that after no activity on this thread for two and a half years we get a few posts and I get my first call from these people.

    I just let them get going and quietly lay the phone down.

    It's quite amusing to hear the background blather followed by a short silence and then 'hello' ... 'hello'.
    There are two types of people in the world: Those that can extrapolate information.
  • I had a call three days ago asking for my wife and another call 5 minutes ago asking for someone with my surname. Person was heavily foreign accented and said was called Jen and said she was not selling anything and wanted to ask mainly questions with yes/no replies. I said no thanks, she persisted, I said I was not interested, she persisted and I hung up.

    This not the first time such "potential phishing surveyors have tried - and failed. These people are at best nuisances and at worst people with criminal intent.
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