Suprisingly bad John Lewis Customer Service

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Have a read of how my last 7 days with John Lewis call centre Customer Service have been like...

Dear Sir/Madam

I purchased a television from John Lewis online 3 years ago, as per the above order number. This television has now developed a problem, it is not degaussing every time we switch it on. We still have 2 years of the John Lewis warranty left.

I rang your Customer Service Team last Friday, 20 April, and was asked to ring 0870 107587 to arrange a repair. It turns out that the people at that number do not deal with televisions and I was put back through, at the cost of an 0870 number, to the original call centre I had called.

Following this I was told my query would be passed to the correct team and that I would receive a call from them to arrange a repair.

On Mon 23 April at 12.02, Rosie rang me and left a message for me to call her so she could confirm a few details before sending out a repair man. I rang her back 15 minutes after receiving her message and got through to Ken who put me on hold for 10 minutes in total and then informed me that my query had been put through to the correct team AGAIN and that they would call me at 3.30 that day.

3.30 came and went and I called again at 4pm and was told, by Simon on ext. 5***, that the repairers, D&K, would be calling me within 48 hours.

48 hours later, 25 April, no call. I rang and spoke to Gemma who put me on hold and spoke to Rosie. Rosie informed Gemma that she had been trying to contact Bush for a few days but with no luck. Gemma and Rosie then put my query onto Urgent Status.

Another day passes. 26 April 12.30ish; I call and speak to Lynda who says she does not have an extension number but that she is on the Customer Service Team. Lynda tells me the D&K WILL RING ME on that same day and that the situation has been resolved. I informed her that I would ring back at 5pm if D&K had not called me.

16:45 on 26 April, D&K had not called. I rang again. I mentioned that I had spoken to Lynda but Ian tells me that Lynda has not left any notes on the order. Ian put me on hold and spoke to Rosie who said that a fax had been sent to D&K and that they should have rung me. So, Ian rings D&K who inform him that they are NOT my local repair agents and that they do not service my area.

I start laughing at this point.

Ian informs me that my case has been Escalated and that a Customer Services Manager will call me the next day as they were going home at that time, 5pm.

Today is here - 27 April and 11 phone calls later, we have arrived at another weekend. I have NOT had a phone call from anyone from John Lewis today. In fact, I have received only ONE phone call from John Lewis in the last 7 days.
This is not a good way to keep a loyal customer. The one main reason I purchased this television from John Lewis was for the 5 year warranty.



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    Well, the last contact I had with JL was last Thursday (made by me to them) and, at last, yesterday Rosie rang back saying she has now discovered who our local repairers are and will fax them. They should contact us yesterday (nope) or today (we'll see).

    As for my letter of complaint, I have rechecked the page on the JL website where I got the email address and it says they aim to reply to complaints within 5 days, so that should be Thursday (tomorrow)(we'll see)(won't hold my breathe)
  • Seems to be a common theme with JL online at the moment.

    Let us know how you get on x
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    You are right dmg, 3 JL threads at the top of this page - not good

    and I shall add that we still have not heard from the local repairers and we are rapidly reaching the end of business hours for today

    maybe I should send them over to MSE so they can see how dissatisfied we are becoming
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    thanks for the tip
    2015 wins £4.00 not mse:(
    2014 £44.00:mad:2013 £83.00 2012 £601.50
    2011 £1554.50 2010 £698.00 2009 £2793.00
    2008 £2816.00 2007 £1034.00
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    still no call from JL or from my local repairer.

    I rang CS again and got through to the scottish office. I asked to be put through to Rosie in Exeter and was put on hold. He came back and said that he had a message that all was resolved and that there was a note on my account that someone was due to call me this afternoon. He then asked me for the date of my order as his system could not find my order.

    I have heard all this so many times that I then asked to be put through to the Customer Relations Manager. He said he couldn't do that. I asked WHY? he couldn't answer and put me on hold again. Came back and asked if I had an extension number for Rosie, I said no. round and round we go. He went to put me on hold again and I said NO I don't want to be on hold agaian, I told him to resolve this and call me back. He said he would put me on hold I said NO again, I said I am going now, get someone to call me, goodbye.

    As you can see, I am getting rather exasperated (sp??).

    I googled JL Head Office phone number and rang and asked to speak to the Chief Executive. I was put through to the Customer Service Manager Sue :confused:

    She was rather apologetic but apart from that she was pretty useless. I told her that I needed to go back to work and would be back by 3.30-4pm and asked her to look into it and call me back. She said that 'someone' would call me back. I said I would rather SHE called me back. She said that customer services were far better equipped to deal with this. I said "You think?" :rolleyes:

    Anyway, I'm back from work and they haven't called........

    to be continued........
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    and the end of another business day approaches.....

    have they rung?


    I rang and spoke to Sue, Customer Service Manager, again and she said 'has no one rung you get?' I replied that a 1471 reveals that a witheld number called at 14:20 even though I had stated that I was out intil 3.30-4pm and she sighed deepely and said that I was to leave it with her....

    leave it with her until when?.....

    Ho hum
  • This is getting silly, I do feel for you!

    Hopefully the CRM will help ... let us know tomorrow x
    Gone ... or have I?
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    I'm glad your keeping your sense of humour. I've left the number of the CRM at work but will PM it to you tomorrow...
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    Not happy :(

    Matt from Customer Relations has called and said our TV is uneconomical to repair and offered to uplift the TV and refund our card with £200

    We paid £239, albeit 3 yrs ago.

    I said that there was no way that we can replace the TV for that money and asked why I should be out of pocket when they have given a 5 year warranty. He said we had had 3 yrs use out of it.

    I asked for him to up the offer to the £239 we paid, I even asked if we could have the £200 and keep the TV and take it to a local repairer.

    He said No, final offer :(

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    I just wangled a £20 gift voucher for my trouble

    And I'm off out TV shopping.... That may cheer me up
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