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Has anyone heard of Solar Power Engineers Ltd
they've got two websites :


I had a quote for 4KW pannels from them, he said if a have the pannels fitted before 1st March 2012 i will get 43p per KW back from the grid?
He wants me to pay him £3400 (40%) via Credit card to order the pannels and then the remander of the balance once the work is done..

I'm not happy about giving money before the job is done, he also did not give me a card, has anyone had any dealings with this company and are his statements correct?


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    Welcome to the forum. But why have you posted this in the Home Phones board?
    No solar panel company is going to fit an entire system upfront without a deposit: 40% is not unreasonable.
    You won't get 43.3p before the March deadline if the gov't win their judicial review, so it's a gamble.
    Make sure you get a full written quote and tech spec before you even consider signing an order.
    Is the installer MCS approved? If not, they can't certify your system.
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