Morrisons Hardwood Garden Set

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This is my first post on the forum, hi to everyone.

I was in my local Morrisons store and they have a garden set which
includes a table, four chairs and a parasol for £99.00 which I think is
very reasonable, they do not have one out on display so I cant see
if it is decent quality. Has anyone bought this and if so what do you
think of it?

Thank you.


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    No idea sorry, but I got mine from Wilkos last year. Dont forget to treat them every year with teak oil, took me an hour ish today to do 4 chairs and a table

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    I saw one at my local store today and I personally dont think the quality is great. The wood doesnt look to be very thick so I would have my doubts as to how long they would last especially with Kids..
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