Best Masonary Paint?

I live near the Sea and need to repaint the exterior walls, can anyone recomend type/make of paint to use which will last.
Titch :)


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    Not near the coast, but use Sandtex which is seriously good stuff.
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    Dulux weather shield is also meant to be good, but sandtex are also good. I also live near sea, I am planning on painting house with either brand shortly.
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    dulux trade weathershield all they way for me, goes on a dream. They also do an extreme conditions paint

    never used it, but i'm sure it will be the dogs danglers
    go on, adopt a greyhound
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    Dulux for me too, if you use Sandtex use the smooth the original with its rough bits tends to hold on to dirt and looks awful after a couple of years, the rain willl wash away most of the dirt from the smooth finish paint. I live about 300 yards fro the sea.

  • try is excellent paint and cheaper and better than sandtex
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    sandtex is the best.we got 4 tins in for a guy the other day quite pricey but we gave him 40% of each tin so he was happy
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    Dulux Weathershield.

    They also have an excellent technical help line that will give good advice on preparation and application.
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    always used sandtex for decent jobs.
    but i have also used the own brand stuff for tarting places up that are being sold. half the price.
    Get some gorm.
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    I have had excellent, long lasting results on a house near the sea using Leyland Truguard Smooth masonry paint.

    Applies by brush or spray and is sold by Screwfix in white or magnolia £12.99 5 litres (no connection with either company except as a customer!)
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    HugoSP wrote: »
    Dulux Weathershield.

    They also have an excellent technical help line that will give good advice on preparation and application.

    That's not true IMO.

    They take the biscuit for being the worst Helpline I have ever encountered.

    Ring ring:

    Female Shriek at office joke - phone put down before answering.

    Ring ring

    Me: On your website - if you press the Cream in the Weathershield section - it goes to someone's living room. So do you have any pictures of painted houses?

    Grumpy: If you can't find it on the website - then we don't.

    Me: I wanted to know the difference between Dulux and Sandtex, as Dulux is more expensive. What would I be paying for?

    Grumpy: I don't know - I only know about Dulux.

    Me: But it's your major competitor. Don' you know anything about it's paint?
    Grumpy: No.

    Me: Well so sorry for wasting your time (as I'm not going to be offered any literature with different coloured houses to see what the shades look like).

    Grumpy: You haven't wasted my time at all.

    No - don't expect I did. He gets paid to be unhelpful.
    I just paid for the call and the bad-tempered non-advice.
    Thanks Grumps!

    Sandtex for me.....
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