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    I have been with the TPS for some years now, but was called the other evening by a kitchen company - I went along with the call to get their details, but when I eventually stated I was with TPS she indicated that I should be re-registering every now and then and that is why her call slipped through.

    Does anyone know any different, as I was under the impression you didn't need to keep re-registering.

    She's lying to cover up the fact they're ringing people they shouldn't - report the company.

    16. Do I need to renew my subscription with the TPS?

    If you have registered a residential number or a number belonging to a sole trader or (except in Scotland) partnership, you do not need to renew.
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  • I don't answer any of their calls, they can talk to my answering machine, and after I delete the messages. My children, age 14yrs and 9yrs are also trained not to answer these calls and they do take heed.
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    I have been receiving these calls for some months now, and our number is ex directory so I'm guessing it's an auto ringer like Martin's.

    Did Martin, or anyone else, find out who the company is who is making these calls so we can report them to the TPS or ICO?
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