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January 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 27 December 2011 at 2:52PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • hex2hex2 Forumite
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    Aberdeensaver, are you using a wet tea towel for the bread - the steam generated in theory softens the crust? I also have the oven on slightly lower for this reason as I hate crusty bread.

    I use the tinned yeast and make it up and let it stand for 15 mins before I make the dough so the extra salt doesn't matter that way. HTH

    £10.80 spent on six refill packs of Milicano Coffee from Amazon - a regular offer from them
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  • Ninno820Ninno820 Forumite
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    NSD here - and the end of my month. With another £2 spent on carp yesterday I am just under my budget and have never spent so little on food etc. Congratulations to everyone else who has made it and thankyou to everyone who has helped.

    Next month I want to aim for a budget of £90 (f) with the remaining £10 going to a second purse.
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  • NickJW wrote: »
    Checked my receipt just now though and the tortellini which I got because it was supposed to be half price was charged full price at £3.39! Maybe I picked up the wrong one :o

    One of my real gripes with many of the sm - they do an offer and nearly every "flavour" etc is incl except 1 or 2 so you end up buying something full price that you'd never have bought if you realised (recently Mr M did fresh soups that were a £1 each except the Minestrone which was 2 for £2.50:mad:) - you've got to watch every single little beeping thing.....
    Car in for service today and he has already had two calls - 2 new tyres, new brake pads and something else (might have been disks - probably - been nagging him to book the thing in for nearly 7000 miles) - anyway, looking at £1300 for that :eek::eek::eek: I might cry.

    Ohhhhhh nooooo (((hugs))) that's a huge amount :( - have you got any money set aside for car maintenance / emergency fund that could be used towards it? Fingers crossed they take the card.

    Need to have a dig in teh freezer to find something for tea - bit unorganised this week :o and then going to chill in front of the TV.:) Will need to pop to Mr A tomorrow (milk, bread etc) but hoping for a low spend!
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  • cw18cw18 Forumite
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    Today has been a low spend day - nipped out to have a nosey around Mr M at reduction time and came home with a pack of mince and a bottle of vanilla milkshake (from reductions) and a garlic baguette and a tin of kidney beans (full price, but value labels)

    I've also used several more bits from stock over the last few days, signature now brought back up to date
  • tigerfeet2006tigerfeet2006 Forumite
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    Tonights dinner was an old favourite Tropical Pork and Peppers (GF&DF) This served the five of us plus some for a HM ready meal :D

    Dice a 600-700gm pack of pork loin chops and put it in a bowl. Put 2 tsps chili powder on (or to taste) and toss it to coat the pork.

    Put 500g of rice on to cook

    Heat some olive oil in a big pan over a medium heat. Add 1 large, finely sliced onion. Fry until soft. Add the pork and cook until it begins to brown.

    Put the juice of a large tin of pinapple chunks in the pan and a tsp of coriander leaves with the pork and simmer for 10mins.

    Add a 500gm pack of frozen peppers and the pineapple chunks to the pan and continue to cook for another 5-10 mins until the pork is cooked.

    Serve with the rice.

    This makes a very cheap meal. The pork was on MrT's 4 for £12 deal. The peppers were MrT's own frozen for £1. The pineapple was MrT value pieces in syrup 567g for 43p. The rice was half a bag of MrT value long grain, so 20p. The rest was store cupboard stuff. I reckon that I got 7 meals for £5.
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  • Have updated my signature for January. Pay day today so now on February budget. Had overspend but included my nice new electric toothbrush. I am sticking to £150 again with £10 of this for toiletries. Hoping that this will cover 4weeks as January was only for 3 weeks but did have son at home for two of those weeks, so should be possible. Anyway, really pleased with what I spent and money saved! Thank you everyone.
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    Jan: £171.13/£150:(
    Nectar rewards: £18.55, Boots £13.82
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    carolinerunnercarolinerunner Forumite
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    edited 20 January 2012 at 8:09PM
    Gnash! Just beaten to a freezer on ebay as our internet was oddly slow. I blame the DSs. As always.

    Small spend really today, £10.41 for milk, juice, bread and (rabbit) greens, plus £5 for 16 rolls of Nouvelle - at just over 30p a roll that's about the best I can get, and I do prefer it.

    Abereensaver, IKWYM about bread crusts, let me know when you find the answer! btw I was reading recently you don't actually need to knead much at all, so says Dan Lepard, baking guru, got a newspaper supplement by him with some great no=knead recipes, possible library trip to see if useful tips in any books of his there? Ot google dan lepard and look at the recipes on his website, the ones I've done have been really easy. Actually come to think of it, the white/milk bread recipe of his that I do hasn't got a crunchy crust. Can supply recipe if you like, it's really easy but takes a long time to prove. Have just seen your point about bread being like ciabatta, maybe knocking it down more brutally before the second rise will help with that? It's cos the bubbles are so big, could be that or rising the second time too fast, how about rising in a cooler place for a longer period? But most of all WELL DONE on kicking the cigs!!!:T:T:T:T

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  • When Mr F goes out I say - no spending today! :)
    When he gets in - I ask - did you spend any money?:)
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  • Oh thank you so much, I will try less salt this time see if that helps, I have possibly been a bit liberal with it as OH loves anything salty!

    Any idea how I stop the crust braking my teeth? I have tried adding some milk powder and wrapping in a tea towl out the oven but still very very very crusty!!! I am tempted to give up and buy bread machine but is not cost effective for us as not massive bread eaters.
    There are only two of us but I have a bread maker - just the cheapest one from Ar... I wrap the bread in a tea towel to cool, then slice - freeze all but three slices which go in the fridge. Works for us.
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  • Hi all. Been MIA for a few days, just with the general 'hecticness' of family life!:). Will catch up on thread this evening.

    I have just been to Aldi to buy a few things. Spent £9.89 on parsnips & Grana Padano (for the parsnip muffins), a bag of chicken breasts, apple juice, tissues, craisins & potatoes. Will nip to Tesco on way to collect kids from school JUST to buy apples & bananas (approx £1.50) & that will be it! I am so pleased that I will be at budget plus about £1.50! Thrilled :j

    New budget starts on Wednesday. Kids are school dinners on Tuesday & Wednesday & so just have to be inventive on Monday for the packed lunches as have no sandwich fillers in except jam! Hence the parsnip & Parmesan muffins! May have to change Monday's meal plan as well as had planned on salad and haven't got any lettuce/ leaves. I WILL not be entering a SM again before Wednesday!

    Just checked spend diary too & have managed 14 NSDs! This is first month of keeping shopping diary & so have nothing to compare that with. Am pretty chuffed with that start but I CAN improve on that!
    You don't need lettuce/leaves for a salad. I just use what I have - sometimes tomatoes - sliced with celery - diced plus grated carrot and diced onion. Any combination will do.
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