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I was wondering if anyone could help.

I have currently got a BT line costing the standard line rental + calls.
I have my ADSL broadband provided by Eclipse.

I am due to be moving home at the end of May and have decided to go on the Vodafone At Home package for £25 a month.

My question is, does anyone know the best way to do this so i don't go for weeks without broadband. I have spoken to Vodafone and they seemed to think i can ring them 10 days before we move and they will sort everything out and all i have to do it cancel my current broadband supplier.

Has anyone had any experiences like this. Obviously i need to cancel my broadband, do i need to ring BT at all? I don't care about not keeping my number.

The house i am moving to has a BT line and it will be left connected. What happens if they have had broadband?

Any help anyone can give me would be very appreciated.



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    I would just order the Vodafone package for the new home 10 days before the move and simply cancel your Eclipse on your current line.

    As for BT just tell them your move date, they won't normally get involved in your broadband side. You can check if your future home has broadband using one of the online checkers, that is if you know the tel number, if it does have it that would be stopped by the current provider when the existing user moves.
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    Thank you for such a fast response.

    Hopefully it goes smoothly.

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