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I am staying with my brother at the moment. They just got a BT bill with some wording in it saying that from 1 May 2007, BT is charging a £5 (IIRC) disconnection charge to every customer.

Now, I never agreed to this change in my supply contract with BT and I don't intend to agree with it. I'm actually about to bin off BT as my phone supplier.

Do others know about this change? I've not (personally) been notified of it and it's not very obviously referred to on BT's website.


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    got the feeling its now a standard charge for ALL disconnections, regardless of the supplier if they use LLU, although some may choose to swallow the charge looks like BT are passing it on
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    They decided against that £5 a while back, it must be an older flier sent out by mistake. :)
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    It's only a personal opinion but I think the reason BT were going to introduce such a charge was because of TT's refusal to take on customers unless they have an active BT line (TT have apparently even been paying the £18 'early termination fee' BT charged - which ceases on 1/5/07 - to get out of their 12 month initial contract).

    In other words, TT have been feeding off BT's expenditure so they don't have to pay Openreach to do the work.

    BT dropped that £5 charge in favour of simply holding new subscribers to their contract (i.e. stay 12 months or pay the full rental for the remainder of the contract if you want to leave earlier).
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