AAAAHHHHH Bloody City Link

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I can not believe the complete incompetence of City Link.... it just never ending.

At Christmas I bought a laptop and it was City Links job to deliver it, Mum waited in all day for it (on her birthday), come 3pm phoned City Link to ask where it was, was told t was sat in their depot... why I asked... told "I don’t know" had to drive to get it.

A few weeks ago I bought something from Ebuyer, item never arrived, not carded or anything phoned on Tuesday this week to find out were it is, told it was sat in their depot. I told them I would collect it on Saturday, just got back for a 40 mile drive to collect it only to be told it was sent back to Ebuyer yesterday because I hadn’t collected it. Didn't bother to argue as it wasn't the ladies fault, and it wasn't going to get my order back

Another item they tried to deliver on a Thursday, no one home, phoned them that evening to say don’t bother delivering on the Friday as there would be no one home. Got home Friday to find a card saying they tried to deliver it. Then told I would have to drive the 40 Miles to collect the item as I had used up my two deliver chances!

I can not believe how incompetent one company can be, how do they survive as a business, they must be cheap to use by companies.

I have now made a pledge to myself that I will never by from a company that uses City Link as their delivery method, it just not worth the hassle!

What other companies use City Link?

Hewlett Packard Online Shop
M & M Direct?


  • Even more fed up now.... Ebuyer are closed for the weekend! What sort of retail company is closed on a Saturday. Even the most obnoxious of shops/services (Banks) open on Saturdays!
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    Yes City Link are the worst parcel company ever and I try my best to avoid buying anything from a company that uses them. Its hard to tell though and to be honest it is one of the reasons I buy a lot of items from ebay, simply because they tend to use Royal Mail and I don't have to drive 50 miles to pick it up or waste a day's leave when the chances of them turning up are 50:50.

    you could try getting your delivery charge back from the original company as you haven't had delivery you have had to pick it up yourself. i expect they would find an excuse not to though.

    Maybe if enough of us emailed companies that used City Link telling them how hopeless they are, they might change couriers.
  • Chris123 wrote: »
    Even more fed up now.... Ebuyer are closed for the weekend! What sort of retail company is closed on a Saturday. Even the most obnoxious of shops/services (Banks) open on Saturdays!

    most online shops close on Saturday as they can't send any stock out as couriers don't collect on Saturdays.
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    Had same crap service from City Link - no longer buy from any company that uses City Link.

    City Link = lost sales, farewell losers :)
  • well lets just hope that the City Link driver stays with them.
  • I ordered something online and was told it was dispatched Thursday by Citylink and would be with me on Friday - either my husband or I were at home all day and they never turned up.
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    Dont be supprised if they say they tried to deliver but you wer't in and so left a magic card (an invisable one)

    I see on the Ebuyer Forums there is a huge thread about City Link full of compaints yet they still use them as a supplier.
  • I also don't buy from companies that use [strike]craplink[/strike] CityLink - in fact for my upcoming wedding I've made a point that nothing is delivered from companies that use them. They were rude to me on several occasions and when I had a paper shredder delivered, they threw it over the garden wall and pushed a note through the door saying so.

    No idea how a company survives - but let's face it, they only need to be nice to the companies, we aren't the ones who give them their money are we? :rolleyes:

    Consumer law needs to change in this country...
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    I have read these posts with interest - in my business, most of my suppliers use City Link and I usually get several parcels delivered through them every week. The service is always excellent.

    I will shortly be starting a new venture that involves sending parcels out and I was considering contacting City Link to get some quotes - but reading this has given me second thoughts.

    I do however think Parcelforce are rubbish!

    Maybe there are regional variations as I think City Link is franchised in some parts of the country - I'm in West Yorkshire, where are all you lot?
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    My 'local' depot is Exeter.

    I would take a look at this thread from ebuyer Forums

    I would also find out what their complaints rate are, how many of their deliveries are successful before taking any contract with City Links. What their policy is when they !!!! up.

    Consider where people can collect their deliveries from, some people have a very long drive to a City Link depot. With Parcelforce you can collect from you local Post Office if no one is home - Huge bonus for me.

    Also, I know people only complain when something goes wrong but also take a look at general Google search for City Link reviews.
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