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January 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 27 December 2011 at 2:52PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • cheekychipmunkcheekychipmunk Forumite
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    Hello. Everything has gone a bit awry here. Been in bed with flu for a few days, so dh has taken over shopping and cooking. He has been fab, but I think the budget may be a bit shot! He's spent over £100 and I still can't find anything for tea! Not sure what he has been buying. Oh well. Won't let it get me down too much and will keep trying!
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  • tigerfeet2006tigerfeet2006 Forumite
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    This is what I did for dinner last night.

    I put 300g basmati rice in a seive and rinsed it and left to it to drain. I heated some oil in a big pot and fried off a large chopped onion. Stirred in a tblsp rosemary and 250g of quartered chestnut mushrooms. Popped the rice in and stirred it to coat in oil. I then put 2 sliced peppers in (have used frozen peppers for this as well), a tin of chopped tomatoes, 500ml of veg stock and cooked chicken from a roast I did a while back and froze the meat left over. Season with pepper, bring to the boil, give it a stir. Turn it down and put a lid on it and cook until the rice is tender.
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  • skillyskilly Forumite
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    Hi all, well I am now up to £101.47 spent so far this month and not a lot to show for it ,forgot to cancel my veg box for tomorrow so will just to use it so that will be another £13 something to add on tomorrow !
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  • kerri_dfwkerri_dfw Forumite
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    Having a tin of stockpile beans today, so that's 50p to add onto the budget.
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  • Oh dear- I have gone over my budget for the month by 22 quid and still have a week to go! Perhaps I have set it too low at £60 per week-I may have to raise it next month to £70.Having said that I still have spent far less than I would have done if I wasn't doing this challenge and it is my first month in -will try to do better in Feb :o
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  • irisiris Forumite
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    JackieO wrote: »
    spent a whole quid this morning on a soya & seedy Burgen loaf.It lasts me a week, so well worth it.normally about 1.40 but Icelands are doing it for a pound.I portion it up into lots of four slice packs and freeze.I only ever eat a couple of slices of bread a day anyway so its not worth my while making my own ,plus only one of my arms works very well at all so kneading would be difficult.
    very pleased with my totals so far this month I am sticking to me 'stay out of shops if possible' mantra for January.Only 15 more days to go

    There is a coupon for 30p off Burgen bread on the first page of the Voucher and Coupon thread and I believe that Iceland take coupons, which makes it a bit more mse. HTH
  • kerri_dfwkerri_dfw Forumite
    4.6K posts
    Debt-free and Proud!
    Does anyone know if lidl accept coupons?
    Diary: Getting back on track for 2013 and beyond
    DEBT FREE 13-10-13 :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:
    Beautiful daughter born 11.1.14
    Mortgage: [STRIKE]£399,435.91[/STRIKE] £377218.83
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  • Ninno820Ninno820 Forumite
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    Another NSD here - but I am working from home for once and hats off to anyone who does it as a norm. I am frozen and am bored rigid. I ahve also worked for longer than usual - out of guilt really. Dont want anyone to think that I am shirker so started at 8am and have just about finished without a break apart from the time it takes to make a coffee. No wonder that I am stiff!
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    wear280902wear280902 Forumite
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    Just done my statement of affairs and after reading the tips ont his board on and off for a year now. I have braved to join it. I always realised this is the area I vastly overspend and
    strangely can rationalise everything else.

    SO moment of truth with my daughter having shool dinners which I will include I spend on average for a family of 4 - £600 - £650. I can cook don't spend it on cosmetics this is for groceries and most of it is for food
    and yes I am embarrassed to say win an area where we have food waste bins mine is always full.

    So I woulde like to join this thread and am borrowing a big slow cooker this weekso any ofther thresads or forums I should join would be greatly appreciated.
    So please can I be put down for a budget for the rest of January as £100 .

    Plus I will look through this thread but I am guessing a realistic figure to spend aim for in Feb would be £350 for the month which is still going to be a shock to the system.
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  • Welcome to the thread Wear280902

    I found the best way of keeping to my budget was to inventory everything I had in my larder and freezers to stop myself overbuying and plan meals around what you already have. I was shocked to see what I had forgotten at the bottom of my freezer which was perfectly good to eat.
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