Door Dipping and Stripping Perthshire

in Scotland
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Hi everyone.

Does anyone know where I can get doors dipped and stripped in Perthshire? Preferably one with a collection service



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    There's a place that you can see off the A9, on the left hand side as you're heading towards Stirling, that does stripping, for the life of me I can't remember what it's called, if you want more info pm me and I can look in the local paper as I'm sure they must advertise in it.

    Otherwise, there was a place in Dundee that I had contacted ages ago that would collect and deliver, I'm sure I have the number somewhere, again let me know and I can search. The Dundee company however charged some astronomical figure for the collection service, something like £1 a mile, and as I lived in Alyth (hence the name!) it was going to be a fair whack of money, but their actual price for stripping the door was really cheap.
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    The Dundee one was called Dens something...they were on Dens Road iirc.
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