January 2012 Grocery Challenge

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    Pennygrabber I have been coming on here a while and did not know your history, what great steps you are making - I too have a pantry with too much stuff in, mine was a case of not being able to resist a bargain, the best of luck to you
    SueP19 wrote: »

    PennyGrabber - way to go on the NSD day, mental illness is not funny (post natal depression 20 years ago but still haunts me) :j:j

    Thanks guys. I had antenatal depression because I had spd, then postnatal depression because my ex was having an affair (started while 8 months preg with my 2nd), then I had full on depression two years later because he was bullying me. I've been on loads of courses, and have come to realise I am a nice person who didn't deserve that, contrary to what he told me (!!), but it takes time. Work were really good, but thought I would go a bit funny again, as I had a miscarriage last year. Lots of the behaviours I have shown are a result of the bad times (like major stocking up), and although my youngest is now 5, it takes a long time to be ok again. For example, my weight fluctuates by up to 3 stone, depending on my mindset...

    Anyhoo, onwards and upwards!! I am planning on shopping tomorrow, with 6 things on my list! If I stay out of sms today, this will be nsd number four-in-a-row! Nowhere near as amazing as JackieO, but great for me! Actually, just looked at my spending diary, and I've only been shopping three times this year, so that means 11nsds so far!!! I'm so proud of myself! This may have to go into my 'little book of positives' tonight!!

    Have a good weekend all,

    PG x
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  • I've just seen the flier for a!di, and they have a halogen oven on for £29.99 for a 12 litre one. Are these ovens good? They had them on sale in morries the other week, and the checkout lady said they wre good, but she may have been a bit biased!! If you think they are good - what do you cook in them?!


    PG x

    I have a halogen oven and its OK, I live with DH and aged parent (who is difficult to feed) so I use it to cook her ready meal as its much cheaper than putting the large oven on for just a cottage pie (IYSWIM). I have made bread rolls in it as well which were the best i have ever made, my bread is usually like bricks. Unfortunately i'm not well at the moment and DH is doing most of the cooking so it is not getting used as much as I would use it, but I do consider it a worthwhile investment.
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    Spent £84.31 today :eek: I got loads of meat from SM and loo rolls for the next 10 years !!!! :rotfl:Milks, veg, teabags and quorn all on offer Wohooooo

    So I shouldn't need to visit SM until the end of my month (runs 3rd Jan to 2nd Feb) Just top ups of fresh veg.

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    Back from my little shop, spent £37-odd which will see us through another week.

    I took my 2nd purse too with the £15 in it, and bought some cereals (half price in Mr S) and some toilet roll - £6.50 for 18 rolls which is nearly as good as the Lidl offer :D.

    I usually pay approx £4 for 9 rolls (try to buy the packs with the 3 extra free in) so I'll separate the pack I bought today and pop in £4 once I've started on the first 9 and another when I've started on the 2nd lot - have I got the right idea? :o

    Obviously I know to put in the full amount for the cereals but I spent ages trying to figure a way to do the toilet roll :rotfl:
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    You can complain against the price increase if you can show your account is in credit / will balance by the end of your consumption year.

    I left SP as they were continually doing this - I moved to them in a November so didn't have the summer months to build a "buffer" - however, as I'd used actualy consumption figures & it would balance out they always put it back to the original figure .... I just got sick of having to do it every 3 months.

    However, despite explaining this to my new supplier and being assured they wouldn't do this - they have just tried to put my dd up by 82%:eek: - although with the comforting words "it's only for 3 months":mad: Several emails & phone calls and they have now reinstated it to the original figure as a similar situation to the SP one.

    It drives me demented and makes me very angry - apart from the discount one of the reasons many people choose to pay by dd is to have roughly the same going out their account every month throughout the year - these automated reviews seem to take absolutely no account of the annual consumtion (even though this is what is used when you sign up). It also really penalises people who move during late summer/winter - if I'd have changed supplier in say March instead, there wouldn't be an issue.

    I did get told along the lines of "but we pay interest on credit balances" mmmmmm well, what good is that piddling amount going to do if you've tried to take an extra £50+ from my account, it's not there or other things have failed because you've taken it, bank charges are added etc :mad:

    Sorry ...... will climb down off my box - just one of those things that drives me insane - the stress of having to go through it every 3 months is really something I could do without!

    I really feel for you on this, it is for this reason that I will not change my pay as you go meters. The peace of mind in knowing thats its paid for, and no nasty shocks is priceless. Also it makes me very aware of what
    I am using and remembering to turn things off etc.
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    meg72 wrote: »
    I really feel for you on this, it is for this reason that I will not change my pay as you go meters. The peace of mind in knowing thats its paid for, and no nasty shocks is priceless. Also it makes me very aware of what
    I am using and remembering to turn things off etc.

    I must admit it was a shock to the system having a key meter for the first time in my life, and with last winter being so bad, I thought I would cry. But this year I have come to terms with it, and although at first Iwas going to ask for a change, I decided not to as at least I know the bill is paid and like you, I have become very aware of what I use.
  • Ohhhhh dear, despite aiming to not go out today .... I realised I didn't have enough stuff for lunches next week.

    Decided to pop to A*di as don't need milk (for a change! Mr A the only place that keeps this).

    So ... another £14.89 to add bringing me to £95.23 (only £45 to last the month:eek:) but the good news is that when I've added to my spreadsheet, the "real value" of the stuff I've got is over £145 - so over £50 saved :D

    Other good news is I have enough fillings for sandwiches, a yoghurt each day and enough stock/veg to make soup for both remaining weeks .... lunches sorted to the end of the month!:j

    I must try to start going to A*di again for lunch stuff - their meats are so much better quality and price (Mr A has 2 packs for £3 but there's only 4 slices in each pack:eek: - there used to be 5:mad:) whereas in A*di a pack of 13 slices of Chicken was £1.69 and 14 slices of Ham was £1.79 .... a pretty big difference.

    I know some of us mentioned the cost of Tuna earlier in the week - it's 59p in A*di - much better than the 75p for Mr T Value and Mr A SP..... again better quality too. HTH

    Now .... all that's left to do today is to decide what to do with the cooked chicken breast for me dinner - suggestions please!:D
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  • In our house there is me, my wife and 2 children aged 3 and 1 and we spend around 150 pound a week on shopping. I do the shopping so the reason it is so high is down to me as i tend to stray from the shopping list and buy more than we need or use. Starting Monday we are going to do a meal this for the week so i only buy what we will need. Then at the start of next month we are going to try to do two thing. One is to make a list of what we will need for the whole month and then buy what will last the month, i.e tinned food, frozen food and soft drinks (we are lucky we have two freezers and 3 fridges in our kitchen so storage will not be an issue) then we will only need to pop out once a week for things like veg, bread and milk. Then we will look at what we buy and try to down grade a brand and shop for bargains. I will post before next month what i hope to spend next month so i can see how well i do. The hope is for the first month to cut the cost from 600 pound to 500 pound and then try to reduce to cost again in March.
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  • Second shopping spree of the month which came to £223,90 for me, my cats and bunnies. Won't need much rabbot or cat food next week but will need laundry liquid. Enjoying this challenge.:j
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    Well my toilet roll dilemma was solved for me, after having decided to get 2 more packs, I toddled off to L*dl only to find that they had sold out :(

    Went to Mr T and consoled myself with buying 4 chocolate oranges, all to be put away for dad, 2 for him for easter and 2 for his birthday, so these do not come out of my gc budget. Also realised that I had run out of mushrooms, so 87p added.
    Tea tonight is hm pizzas using ys mozzarella, l/o boiled bacon, hm bases, pessata and mushrooms.

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