January 2012 Grocery Challenge

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    £1 for milk and 49p for natural yoghurt to make parsnip and parmesan muffins to mop up tonights leftover autumn squash stew. thanks for the recipe XSpender gotta use up those veg box parsnips somehow :rotfl:

    i can highly recommend the muffins. DS loves them and he is very finickety in fact its the first time he has ever eaten parsnip :D
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  • ive gone over my budget :( so just gonna try and keep it as low as i can and maybe try to make what i got last the rest of the month - not very likely to happen but will try to keep it under £200..
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  • Afternoon everyone

    Budgets done to here

    Helen x
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    Scotmumof3 if you want to do weekly, thats fine, lots do, just say you would like to join in and state a weekly budget, and put your total in red and larger (makes it easier for them to spot), and they will add you to the challenge. Welcome and good luck
    Pennygrabber I have been coming on here a while and did not know your history, what great steps you are making - I too have a pantry with too much stuff in, mine was a case of not being able to resist a bargain, the best of luck to you
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    Did a lot of shopping yesterday (pay day)

    massive shop in Aldi for store cupboard basics (passata 29p :D ) fruit and veg (we get through loads with 8 of us here inc 1 veggie - plus 3 guinea pigs!), plus party food for ds3's birthday. Also got a slumberdown mattress topper for £6.99 but will include that on this budget. I had an overflowing trolley and it was about £80! got tons of stuff - cooked meats for lunchboxes, pizzas, chips for freezer plus cauliflower cheese bake to try (as only dp is really keen and is much easier to get a little bit of this out of the bag solely for him), tomato sauce, washing powder,free range eggs, I nearly broke the shop as I took up the entire conveyor belt...

    Did a little shop at Mr.s and had to get ds3's birthday cake from there too (he really really wanted the nintendo ds one) and a bargains only shop at Mr T (booo hiiissssss), then nipped into Lidl for a couple of things and B&M for cat food.

    Will add on all totals later today :) Just need to get meat really so I can batch cook a few bits for the freezer.
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    spiggle thank you for your repost updating advice, i think i should have read that BEFORE going shopping cupboards and freezer are rammed but ive still come home with £100 worth of extra food.

    next week i should not need more than basic milk cheese fruit and veg. off to meal plan the week now

    yesterday was linda Mc sausage and mash
    tonight is HM pizza followed by hm welsh cakes for supper
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  • Hi There,

    I would really like to try this challenge. I have tried in the past but failed miserably. I fancy giving it another go.

    As this is my first month I think I will set a relatively easy monthly target of £350 and aim to reduce it next month. This will be for food, toiletries, cleaning stuff and dog food.

    Speaking of dog food, can anyone please tell me if there is a cheap brand in any sm. At the moment we just buy whats on offer at Mr T or Mr M and I am not sure that constant change is good for the dogs. We use meat and meal at the moment, but are open to suggestion.

    Thanks :D
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  • Got bored and hungry waiting for dd to come out of dance class so lipped tesc* next door for sarnies and magazine!going to lid* l8r for cushelle on offer. Will update Sig l8r
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    DH took DS2 to swimming today (first time in ages....) so I gave him a very specific list to get in MrS. This included cough medicine for DD and a newspaper for my Dad who is staying with us at the moment. Total of £9.08 spent which takes my monthly total up to £395.42.

    Majjak - Re: 2nd purse - I too have started up this month, putting £10 in. I have decided that the only two SMs I can get to without spending additional petrol are MrT (an Extra store just 200 yds from my door) and C00p which is outside the school gate. I've made a note of what I usually pay for items and when they are on offer I will use the money in the 2nd purse to stockpile. This month tbags and coffee are on offer, plus I found some olive oil in C00p which was half price. I have therefore bought 3 months supply of these and when I 'buy' them back from my stores I will pay the usual price, therefore increasing the money in my 2nd purse. Hope that makes sense :)
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    Hi Lozza - welcome

    Another NSD here - like JackieO I find it easier to totally avoid the supermarkets but am beginning to drool at the thought of pay day on the 23rd and the start of a "new month". Since the 23rd is a monday, and I work, I am aiming to go shopping on the following saturday which will save another 5 days.

    Had a great find today - a carrier bag with large jar of coffee and two packets of cheese carckers in a wardrobe - didn't have enough room in the store cupboard before christmas - sad but true!

    Keep going everyone - by reading this thread everyday I am inspired to keep going and have never spent so little. xx
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