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January 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 27 December 2011 at 2:52PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Well done everyone, lots of useful tips and bargains coming through this thread.

    I've just been for my second shop of the year and spent £3.76 at @ldi for some fruit and veg (sig been updated) and have to say I'm really pleased so far with my spends.

    Like others I have decided its time to seriously try shifting some of the extra weight, so got some citrus fruits and salad stuff after all the heavy, winter veg etc I have been eating lately I'm really craving lighter meals.

    Got the basis of my weekly plan drawn up using freezer stocks and should only need to go out and get some fresh fish later on in the week, although what with the holidays and the high winds I doubt if the boats have been out, so it may well be a tin of tuna or salmon instead.
  • HiddenidenityHiddenidenity Forumite
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    First week of Jan over nothing to report here NSD number 7 here :D x
  • Stopped counting after the first day and had a few junk food binges :( I'm back counting ww points now though so eating less junk and saving money that way (unfortunatly only since Thursday but hopefully will show over next three weeks.)

    I kept my reciepts though and have spent a total of £29.57 / £80 and £11 of that was tonight because I was craving fruit so I'm still happy and might still make my target this month (and even if I don't I'm still spending less than I was!) I'm so pleased I've joined in on this challenge :)
  • Hi everyone.
    Just done the second shop of the month £35.15 in Tesco, plus £20 at my butcher (which should last the rest of the month easy). So just reporting in with my new total.
    The thread is moving really fast - I'll try and catch up properly tomorrow.
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  • looielooie Forumite
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    Been and done the first shop of this year.

    Spent £21.43 which was mainly on coffee. Also got some milk, yoghurts, bread and some rice :D
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    lemmings1986lemmings1986 Forumite
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    edited 7 January 2012 at 8:34PM
    just a quick question im just cooking stirfry and was going to add amoy thread fine noodles and i wanted to freeze the leftover stirfry,can the thread noodles be frozen or not??? thanks in advance
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  • SueP19SueP19 Forumite
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    Bought the value basics toilet Roll £1.31 for 4, why not! have removed wrapper before family notices they haven't got a dog on the packet.

    We are not on main sewerage and it hates the expensive fluffy stuff :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
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    SuzieY_2SuzieY_2 Forumite
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    Hi everyone,

    Had a takeaway this evening. But it was only fish and chips, so for the two of us it only came to £6.70. That takes this months total up to £29.76. I'm going to aim to have a little more self control of the rest of this month.

    Grocery Challenge
    Jan £129.83/£130 - Feb £130.51/£130
    - March £138.26/£130 - April £150.16/£130
    - May £196.78/£130 - June £127.74/£130 - July £133.51/£130 - Aug £132.21/£130- Sept - £78.89/£130 - Oct £165.44/£130 - Nov - £65.30/£130
  • majjakmajjak Forumite
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    Old_Meanie wrote: »
    I think I read somewhere back when on this thread someone had made sausagemeat hash? If so does anyone have the recipe. Sounds delish. Thanks

    Twas me :D

    Easy peasy to do, layer sausagemeat at the bottom of a glass baking dish (doesn't stick to the glass dishes), add a few herbs if you want to, our sausagemeat had them in already. Cook for 15 mins in oven. While that's cooking, make up some mashed potato. Take out sausagemeat from oven, pour over a couple of tins of baked beans, top with the mash and some grated cheese. Pop back in oven for another 10 mins or so. Voila ! Basically, sausages, mash and beans but in one pot - less washing up too ;).
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  • meg72meg72 Forumite
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    Was a bit bored earlier (oh dear, boredom normally results in spending for me!) so I went for a walk to the Turkish supermarket for some fresh bread and dips. Only spent £4.97 which wasn't bad as that included popping into L*dl too and getting 2 blocks of cheese. Total spend now up to £49.17 /£250.

    The Turkish supermarket did have big cans (at least the size of 2 regular tinned tomato cans) of tomato paste for 99p. I wasn't sure if this was cheap but I think it is? I also didnt know what I would do with that much paste once opened though as I only normally use a couple of squirts from a tube so I didn't buy any this time.

    Tomato paste freezes very well, when I buy a tin I freeze in ice cube trays its really easy just to pop a cube or two out when you want it.
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