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January 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 27 December 2011 at 2:52PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • MeadowsMeadows Forumite
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    mumsiemum wrote: »
    Can anyone recommend the best place (ie cheapest :o) place to buy yeast for a bread machine?
    Coming to the end of my sachets but thinking there must be a cheaper alternative! MM

    You don't say how much you pay? You can get a pack of 8 for about 67p upwards, different supermarkets have different prices and their own brand is cheaper than the named brands.
    You can go to the Tesco bakery and ask if they have some yeast, they will give you a small amount of fresh yeast free.
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  • carolinerunnercarolinerunner Forumite
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    Just made pitta breads to eat with whoopsied M*S hummus, TOTALLY gorgeous if I say so myself and really easy. Not even similar to the things in packets. Yum!

    Mumsiemum, Dove's Farm orange packets are better value than the sachets, I reckon, about £1 when I last bought one and less fiddle than opening sachets and trying to save the tiny bit that wasn't used.
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  • hey guys just 19p to add, did a little shop in a store yesterday, got some greens beans i really fancied them, was thinking about them for weeks £1 for the pack, a pack of tube yogurts, 2 mikado packs 2 for £1 a pack of lockets, 6 pack of apple juice cartons cost £5.19 but as i was doing it as part of a mystery shop, the brief said i will be reimbursed £5 so only 19p spent, should have thought it out more, but hey ho, free shopping is exactly that free shopping, nothing else spent, which i am happy about and loads to eat in fridges, freezer and cupboards, so it will be fruit and veg top up, maybe next week.

    I have apples, satsumas,lemons, green beans,carrots and broccoli,onions and potatoes, so not too bad,only me at home so this will last.
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  • MiniPenny wrote: »
    Thanks for this has convinced me its a good idea going to apply for a costco card out of the money we have saved on groceries at the end of this month :money:

    we got the cheaper loo roll in tesco a while ago and was going through twice as much so thats something I like to know too. right off to clear cupboards ready for costco trip next month :rotfl:

    It's the Velevt that's on offer atm but I think it ends around the 14th. However, their own brand rolls are about the same price and I always see people with them in their trolleys.

    If you are getting toilet roll you might need more than an empty cupboard, I now have a spare room full of them :rotfl:
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    IslandmaidIslandmaid Forumite
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    Hi all,

    £46 this morning at Mr L,s mainly F&V but did buy 2 bottles of wine and 2 large bottles of larger for DS1,s birthday meal tonight - we,re off for an indian and its BYO for booze

    Hope Everyones okay and still being OS for the new year xx
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  • mumsiemum wrote: »
    Can anyone recommend the best place (ie cheapest :o) place to buy yeast for a bread machine?

    Coming to the end of my sachets but thinking there must be a cheaper alternative!


    Get the tinned yeast instead of sachets, works out nearly half the price per loaf. If you have a Waitrose nearby, the cheapest is Dove's Farm Quick Yeast that's 99p for 125g. If you only have Mr A or Mr T nearby, Allinson Easy Bake Yeast is also 99p but for 100g, it's the one in the green tin.

    There's a cheaper yellow tin Allinson Dried Active Yeast for 64p available everywhere, but this needs to be activated in warm water prior to using. Not sure if you can use it in a breadmaker as I don't use one, but it doesn't mention it's suitable where the green tin definitely does.
  • Was hoping for a NS day today but whilst I was at a kids birthday party DH nipped to the cafe next door & got a coffee & sandwich :mad: (I just ate my kids leftovers!!). Have been in a grump with him all morning so didn't dare ask him how much he'd spent but I'll assume it was £5.
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  • Save_DoshSave_Dosh Forumite
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    Save_Dosh wrote: »
    Well spent £6.29 more, so added to sig. Thought I would add my first ever recipe, not one i have done myself, but got from Nigella. I must add that Nigella uses nothing but the finest, organic, etc. but this is the cheapie MSE friendly version, feel free to upgrade if you wish.

    Digestives - Tesco value x 1/2 pack 25p
    2 x value cream cheese £1.00p
    Value lemon curd 22p
    Butter ????

    Ok, so you mix the digestives and butter (sorry don't know how much) together to form a base, this is either done by hand by melting the butter and adding to digestives, or in a food processer by adding solid butter, then line a dish, pressing the crumbs into place, put into fridge for a while to set somewhat. you then mix together the lemon curd and cream cheese and layer on top of the digestive base. At this stage, you may leave plain, or cover, if you so wish with fruits, etc, maybe meringue, or banana, Nigella did fruits, but let your mind go wild. I am gonna do this this next week when i get the ingredients.

    SueP19 Hi sue, here is the name, it sounds really easy, here is the link, somewhat different to how i described.
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  • elly2elly2 Forumite
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    Afternoon all, NSD for me yesterday, but have given my dad a shopping list today and £20 asked him to get some of the toilet rolls that are on offer in T but it seems he doesnt like the look of them :mad: so didnt pick them up !!!!. Forgot to take the chicken out lastnight for dinner tomorrow :mad: so have had to add a fresh chicken to the list ggrrrrr have 2 whole chickens in the freezer. Have also asked him to find a couple of tins of corned beef that cost less than £2 that should keep him busy for a while :rotfl::rotfl:(cant believe how expensive it is now), have been craving a hotpot for a couple of weeks now but didnt make one as the kids wont eat it:mad: now dads home he can share one with me. Am sorting a meal plan out for next week (slowly) chicken dinner tomorrow,chicken curry mon,hotpot tues ??????thats as far as i have got so far :rotfl:may do toad in the hole on thurs (not really good on the meal planning stage of my challange) as the kids will eat that as long as i serve it up with waffels/smilley faces :mad:. We have one baby degu left from our shock litter (we think it is a girl and has been named priscilla(sp) DD wanted a propper name for her :rotfl::rotfl:she is a lovelly little thing but she is so small she keeps escaping her cage and crawling up DD's leg :rotfl:.

  • Save_DoshSave_Dosh Forumite
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    Hi, we bought the toilet rolls on offer, but they really look rubbish, they are loosely rolled and only look the size of half a toilet roll. Not such a bargain, we usually buy Nicky, better value i think
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